#TryingStuff with #OmniTen

Guys…I’m feeling kind of awesome.

In my head I’ve always been awesome, the bombdiggity and the best thing that ever happened to the world. I mean, it is my own head, I can think things like that! However, in reality I know that I am just another person running around on trails, playing in the snow and writing about my life for internet strangers to read.

But then a package arrived at my door…a big, fancy package from Columbia Sportswear. It was crammed full of winter gear and an invite to be part of the #OmniTen winter team. Heck yes, I jabber about outdoorsy winter fun online just enough to get selected as one of this season’s #OmniTen’ers which is a huge ego stroke. So pumped for this winter!

I could not accept the invite fast enough. Yes, please!

Columbia #OmniTen GearColumbia #OmniTen Gear
Molly already laid claim to my gear…and yes, now the box is chewed on. Stupid cat.

Let me just say, I am completely stoked to be part of the winter #OmniTen team! I’ve been stalking tweeps from previous seasons of Columbia’s sweet gig and have to admit, I was jealous of all the awesomeness they get to experience. Now I’m part of it! And you better believe I’ll be sharing all sorts of gear photos while frolicking around the mountains just because I feel so lucky…and because #OmniEnvy is a real thing and its only fair to share!

Columbia #OmniTen GearColumbia #OmniTen Gear
Look how cute they fold up their base layers! And the jacket has thumb holes + a wrist chapstick pocket!

Thanks to Columbia I am now the proud owner for a Millennium Blur jacket, Bugaboo pants, a mid-weight base layer set, gloves and a balaclava. The base layers are seriously legit. I went out running on a breezy, cloudy day with the base layer top and shorty shorts – the car thermometer read 38 degrees. I was sweaty just 2 miles into my run. And the jacket has done a stellar job of keeping me warm every day that I’ve stupidly missed my train by 45 seconds.

Columbia #OmniTen Gear

All of this gear is going to come in handy this winter…while snowboarding at Keystone and ABasin, exploring the backcountry and going on a mystery trip with Columbia in January. Yup, a freaking mystery trip that definitely involves snowboarding! The word “excited” does not begin to describe what I’m feeling right now!

Columbia #OmniTen Gear
Centennial Cone trail run

If my excessive #OmniTen #hashtagging isn’t quite enough for you check out the rest of this seasons team:

Michelle          Dave             Andy          Wendy          Josh
Beth               Patrick         Seth           Derek

That being said, I promise not to blow up every social media channel every day, just sometimes. And it’ll be worth it, I promise!


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  1. I am like you – I’ve watched others go through the process with #omnienvy! Is there an application process or did they contact you?

    Thanks and have fun with this super cool opportunity!

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