Snowboarding…in October

This post is going to be a prime example of how NOT to humble brag…I’m just straight up bragging, nothing humble is going on here! Its October, we went snowboarding and we took photos just so we could tell the world how cool Colorado is!

Arapahoe Basin - October 2013
Somewhere under my layers is my beloved Columbia mid-weight baselayer. Seriously love that thing!

The snow wasn’t perfect and the resort was barely open – only 4 worthy runs open – but we were decked out in our gear and strapped to our snowboards well before Thanksgiving! We went to Arapahoe Basin and they have actually been open since October 13th but we finally found the time to head up this past Monday. Its weird to think about snowboarding when Denver is still toasty warm…or randomly rainy. When we were at ABasin it was sunny and gorgeous while is was cold and rainy in Denver!

Arapahoe Basin - October 2013
The back of ABasin clearly isn’t ready, but the views were beautiful!

We didn’t stay long…just long enough to get in a few runs, get excited for more snow and make us realize our quads were going to need a little “conditioning” before we would be able to spend hours upon hours on the mountain! And just long enough to say “Hey Wisconsin, we went snowboarding in October!”…because we are cocky and entitled like that!

Arapahoe Basin - October 2013

Up next…buying avalanche beacons so we can spend more time in the back country and many, many variations of the snow dance! We are definitely due for a heavy snow year and we deserve it! Not only as boarders, but as Colorado residents who would prefer a summer with fewer wild fires!


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