Life Lately: Zevia, Halloween, BRC

First, Happy November! My birthday month is over…which means it is Chris’s birthday month. I’m okay with that because my birthday month has one more day than his. I’m a one-upper like that.

One thing I will never get tired of in Colorado is how amazing the weather is about 98% of the time. It is November and I am running outside in shorts/tanks while driving an hour into the mountains go to snowboarding. Perfect. So incredibly perfect.

Colorado Fall Colors

Also, I’m pretty sure Colorado won the fall color contest this year. Even if it is mostly yellow the colors I’m still seeing here are seriously trumping the little I saw in Wisconsin! And clearly I’m obsessed with the colors!

Zevia Smarter Celebrations

In non-mountain/color/crazy news I had an opportunity learned how to make some tasty appetizers I would have never even considered attempting to create. The ladies at Zevia spent the last month putting on small events around Denver – the events are completely free of charge and open to anyone, though they are geared toward bloggers. I went to the first event and the last event. My favorite was the last – a night of cooking lessons at Stir Cooking in Denver! I went with Lynne, Lena, Kia and Kait…I think its safe to say we had a blast, ate a ton of food and sampled plenty of Zevia cocktails!

Zevia Smarter Celebrations - Cooking Course

I’m the furthest you can get from a foodie so I took approximately four photos…so to prove I was there I’ve kidnapped photos from @lgsmash and @fitontherocks. Those little cucumber things? They have onions and cilantro in them. I don’t exactly like either one…mixed all together they were delicious!

Zevia Smarter Celebrations - Cooking CourseZevia Smarter Celebrations - Cooking Course
Who know skewering artichoke hearts could be so much fun?!

Overall, it was a great night – which is why I’m insistently blogging about it even though my photos are lacking! We got to hang out, eat and actually make delicious food. I had a lot of fun and I really do hope they have more events like this in Denver!

Halloween Fun

A few weeks ago we got an invite to a Halloween party. My first thought was “Ooh, candy!” but then I read the fine print – “wear a costume or else”. Uh oh. I had to start planning. I have a few costumes I’ve used for Halloween races but I didn’t think that would cut it, especially since Chris was coming. Of course, he could have dug out the pumpkin or cow costume but I decided that wouldn’t do either. We needed a couple costume because we are cute like that. This is what we ended up with…

16 and Pregnant Halloween CostumeJunior Prom
2013 vs 2004

…16 & Pregnant! What you can’t see is the tuxedo t-shirt Chris is wearing, the only part of this costume we actually had to purchase! For the record, that is a BEACH BALL, not a baby! The fact I have to keep telling people that means I freaking rocked this costume! The party was packed with great costumes but of course I didn’t take photos, apparently I’m a sucky blogger! Lauren and Heather both have a slew of photos if you’d like to check them out!

Running. Around. Sort of.

Oh, running. Its been a good month on the trails though the last week has been very lackluster. I finally had a run I actually had to force myself to do…and even then I only made it 1.5 miles before I called it quits. My body warmed up but my brain was not in it. I was angry with my headlamp and I told myself I could quit when I got near the car so I did, even though my legs were ready to go. I went home and promptly fell asleep on the couch. That explains why I was so grumpy…

In less grouchy running news I think I have found myself a new speed work buddy! I talked Paula into checking out the Boulder Running Company Wednesday night group run…the night before Halloween when we were having a costume contest! She came, and she dressed up! Yay!

Run Group Costume Contest - Boulder Running CompanyBoulder Running Company - Runner of the Week

More importantly, she went outside on a public lake loop and ran along side all of my crazy! Anyone willing to do that gets lots of credit! Oh, and that second photo? I’m the runner of the week at Boulder Running Company! Go me! They even printed out a fancy photo of me at the Bear Chase 50K! I feel so special! I love my running store!

And there you have it – a rambling post with marginally viewable photos with lots of semi-interesting updates from the last month! Up next…mountain photos, either from a chairlift or some single track!


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    • I accidentally put the photo up on FB without a full explanation, just “halloween costume”…I’ll take that as proof of a good costume! :)

      I really love our running store and their groups – fun, laidback and pretty effective in the speed department!

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