Pumpkin Pie 5K & 10K {hydrate…!}

I think I have gotten a little cocky with my racing. At least with what I expect from my body. My legs have been throwing down respectable distances one weekend then whipping out PR’s the next. I was getting a little too used to this and failed to give my body enough love…especially in the form of water.

Going into last weekend’s races I wasn’t nervous. I knew I could cover the distance and a legit 5K PR was attainable. I was feeling a little cocky – racing has been good to me lately. The races were solid efforts that I’m proud of, my post-race Saturday was more miserable than it needed to be! Probably had something to do with running both the 5K and 10K while dehydrated…

Pumpkin Pie 5K 10K Race - DenverPumpkin Pie 5K 10K Race - Denver

Race day started out normal and boring with a drive to City Park, some wandering, bib pinning and people watching. Chris and I headed into the 5K corral with 10 minutes until start time. It was crowded, especially in comparison the much smaller Home Sweet Home 5K. There would be no winning for me, which I was okay with – all I wanted was a PR.

The countdown ended and we were off…with lots of tripping and elbowing. I love it when local races post pace areas with in the corrals but man, it would be nice if people actually paid attention to them! The first quarter mile was a bit of a cluster and I got at least one elbow right to the ribs. To top that off my Garmin was having a melt down. Apparently I was running 58:26 minute miles. Yea, I don’t think so.

Pumpkin Pie 5K 10K Race - Denver
Way too happy for the last mile of a 5K!

Somehow I jacked up my Garmin and had to run the 5K blind. I attempted to use the “current pace” feature but we all know that is a crap shoot so my race all over the place. My goal was anything that started with 23:xx since I ran 23:53 for the first half of last week’s 10K. I crossed the finish line at 22:52. A fair bit better than I’d hoped for but still 5 silly seconds short of the short 5K PR. Doesn’t matter…I’m still counting it as a PR on a legit 3.1 mile 5K course!

I had just enough time to guzzle some much needed water, take a quick pit stop and meet up with friends who were coming to run the 10K. Then it was time to jump in another corral for another race. Yea…this double race thing definitely sounded like more fun when I read about it online.

From the get go the 10K was going to be a toss up. A part of me had high hopes for a double PR during a double race day, but that was a bit unrealistic. Considering I only sort of PR’ed the 5K meant I could go into the 10K without any pressure. Or I could go into the 10K hoping for a “sort of PR”…which is what happened.

Pumpkin Pie 5K 10K Race - Denver
Finishing the first loop of the 10K – random neon dude next to me chatted for the next mile, it was a nice distraction!

The first three miles were faster than the last and I crossed into the second loop at 24:xx. I was trying hard but my legs were crying. My quads wanted to know why in the world I was doing this. My tiny brain wanted to just give it all up at the start/finish as we started the second loop – then again at mile 3.2 and 3.3 and 4.7…it was a really long 10K.

My second loop slowed down according to my Garmin but my legs sure felt like they continued to push the pace as much as they could. As the distance ticked by I watched my overall pace slowly increase on my now functional Garmin.

Pumpkin Pie 5K 10K Race - Denver
Almost done, I hope!

The course did a lap around City Park with 4 short out and back stretches. I knew quite a few people running and saw so many of them on these little out and back jaunts. I hated the tight corners but there was a lot of “Go job!” and “Keep it up!” back and forth between all the runners. That did more than make up for 360 degree turns!

Pumpkin Pie 5K 10K Race - Denver
Floaty McFloaterson!

There was a little gas left in the tank for a final push for a finish time of 49:23 and then I was done. So done. I slurred out a “thank you” as I grabbed a bottle of water from a volunteer then headed back up the course. As soon as I got to where Chris was playing race photographer I flopped down on the leave and goose poop scattered lawn seriously regretting my decision to run both races. What was I thinking? A bottle of water later I had the gumption to cheer on the runners and strike a stunning senior portrait pose!

Pumpkin Pie 5K 10K Race - Denver

Eventually I peeled myself off the ground, scraped off the goose poop and shuffled to the finish area where the pumpkin pie was waiting. The pumpkin pie was a huge draw for this race…for everyone but me. I do not like pumpkin pie. I’m broken like that. I handed off my pie tickets and chugged more water before we headed out so Chris could get to work.

After dropping Chris off at work I grabbed lunch then headed straight home…where I promptly fell into Netflix/nap mode on the couch with a pulsating brain ache. My head felt like it did the day I hiked Bierstadt without hydrating the day before. It was miserable. My head hurt so bad and I was exhausted. Luckily Netflix never fails me and I did plenty of napping before mustering up enough energy to be slightly productive before crashing into bed.

Pumpkin Pie 5K 10K Race - DenverPumpkin Pie 5K 10K Race - Denver
Post race festivities with Kristen, Lynne, Sean and Michele!

I was beat. Completely and utterly beat. Running fast is hard. I didn’t quite PR but I tried my hardest and considering the circumstances I am completely okay with that. Just seven days earlier I pulled off a nearly 4 minute PR running the Home Sweet Home 10K then threw myself into a strong 5K I probably could have legit PR’ed if a functional Garmin was spitting out a numbers followed up by a hard 10K that would have been considered a PR prior to the pervious week’s race.

That all sounds like a giant excuse, but it’s the truth and putting it all out there makes me really proud of the amount of time I’ve put into BRC’s speed workouts. It also makes me realize that racing, truly racing, is hard on the body!

Overall, the race was perfectly organized, the t-shirts fit adorably and I head the pie was delicious. It was a beautiful day to be outside running. While I was running I was thankful to be out there on legs that didn’t give up on me with a mind set that knew I could pull off two very strong races, back to back. Next time I’ll spend a little extra time hydrating the day before…

Chris also raced the Pumpkin Pie 5K – his first road race! We started out near each other and throughout the race he was close behind me. At each out and back we saw each other. It was fun to see him suffer through the pain of a 5K. Does that make me a bad wife? I’m just happy to see him share in the misery… He finished in 23:35 and looked much happier than I did crossing the finish line. I haven’t talked him into a full recap but I think its safe to say he prefers the trails to the pavement!


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    • Thanks! The things I do for pie I don’t even like… 😛

      And yea, he found trails and now running is fun! Whodathunk! He even complained about the pavement of the 5K – he is getting trail snobby!

    • Thank you!

      I did the back to back with the Snowman Stampede (the February version) as part of marathon training…it wasn’t that bad at all, I believe the courses were even a little different, which helped!

    • A new watch of some sort…probably not a Garmin tho, should probably add something to the Christmas list!

      And ha, now I better turn out like a responsible, respectable adult…no pressure! 😉

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