A Perfect Mix

This week will be the first week in many months that I’ve actually had a legitimate work week. You know, the standard kind where you go to work for 8+ hours a day for 5 days a week. My first one in months. I’m loving the “in months” part of that, not exactly head over heels for the week ahead of me. I’ve been blessed but now its time for the reality of adult life to kick in. Obviously this isn’t exactly part of the perfect mix…

My perfect mix is a lot more fun than working and this past week I managed to get a little bit of everything Colorado has to offer in December. Backcountry powder. Corduroy runs. Rolling trails. Gorgeous sunsets. Incredible people. Cuddly cat.

Bulter Gulch Trail - Backcountry Splitboarding SkinningBulter Gulch Trail - Backcountry Splitboarding Skinning
Splitboarding at Butler Gulch

Keystone ResortKeystone Resort
Early morning riding at Keystone

Green Mountain - Lakewood CO
Green Mountain - Lakewood COMathews Winters Park Open Space
Sunny trail runs at Bear Creek, Green Mountain and Mathews/Winters

I have obviously been living the life and I cannot complain about that! Not everyone has the opportunity to trek around the backcountry to play in fluffy powder one day then spend the next morning on perfectly groomed resort runs. And while winter is coming with a vengeance later this week I was able to balance out my snow days by running on dry trails in shorts. Thank you Colorado!

This is not me being braggy…this is me being incredibly thankful for everything that I have, the people I know and the mountains in my backyard. I could not ask for more. Well, except maybe a money tree and more time in the day but that just makes me sound greedy! I really, truly am thankful for everything I have. So thank you life for the perfect mix of awesome!


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    • We’ve been spoiled for two years…I shouldn’t complain! I’ll get a few weekdays off a month to go play in the mountains – gotta love the work/life balance mentality of Denver!

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