Santa Stampede 5K

I had plans to share lots of snowy Steamboat photos today but there is a minor I’m-too-lazy-to-deal-with-it technical difficulty that has the photos held hostage on my phone so you’ll have to wait for that. So while I think about emptying out my overflowing Dropbox here is a quick, recap-like post about the Santa Stampede 5K last weekend!

As usual I jumped all over the chance to snag the 5K bib when it was offered up by Boulder Running Company. I have a problem. I just say yes to every race offered up. I can’t help it… I gave little thought to my Friday night plans when I decided to race but I was lucky enough to remember the company party before stupidly signing up for the 5K and 10K combo. I settled for just the 5K and still regretted my decision on race morning!

2013-12-13 22.55.12
A Holiday Fiesta requires mustaches…and unpictured sombrero!

The morning after the company holiday party we drug ourselves out of bed very thankful for a 9am race start less than 30 minutes from home. We showed up to a full parking lot just 15 minutes before the 5K started. Lucky for us they had announcements and a course change so I had plenty of time to pick up my packet and regret my life decisions.

Shortly after 9am the countdown began and the race was on. A few hundred people – half dressed in festive holiday gear – took off through the gardens then out to the paved, but icy, Platte River Trail. Chris didn’t think he’d be able to pull off a PR either so we decided to run together.

Slowly but surely the miles ticked by. Its surprising how long it takes to mentally cover a mile when there are only 3 in the race. The half way point was a turn around that took us up and around an overpass then dumped us on the other side of the river. By this point my legs wanted to know what was up and my brain demanded I go back to bed. More than once Chris pulled ahead of me. I was carrying his phone that was tracking our pace/distance and I kept offering to give it to him so he could take off but he must have been feeling nice – he stayed with me the entire race.

santa stampede2013-12-14 09.41.30
Trying my best to represent BRC…

We finished together with a time of 26:17 (Chris – 11th AG) and 26:18 (me – 8th AG) then I promptly flopped down on the cold concrete feeling far less hardcore than I’d hoped. Going into the race I had no expectations. Heck, on the drive to the race I nearly had Chris talked into walking the course with me. But I sucked it up and I  ran…and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected! I felt much better after the race than I did before it! And it definitely wasn’t a personal worst for me so I’ll take it, with a smile!

Chris had to work at noon so we made our way back to the car then went home to eat mac & cheese. After filling my belly I feel asleep on the couch just long enough to miss my eye doctor appointment. To top off my day I headed into the mountains for another hour on snowy trails. Its amazing what a few miles will do for a tired, abused body…and what a tired, abused body can do for a few miles!

Up next? The Christmas Carol 5K tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can beat the 22:47 from the short course at the Drop Your Drawers 5K so I can finish off the year with a shiny new PR and never, ever have to run another 5K again! Never. Ever. Until someone hands me another bib. Ever.


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