Well, hello. Welcome to run.around.aroo, my little corner of the internet. If you’re here for stories about running, adventurous recaps and my version of ultra marathon training then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for healthy recipes, life advice or insight on the best way to organize you home then you’re out of luck, I have mastered none of those skills!

What’s run.around.aroo about?

This blog has evolved a lot over the years. It started as a personal journal as I took on my first ever 5K, then 10K, then half marathon, then marathon while living in Wisconsin. Today it is full of Colorado mountain pictures and stories from the trails as I take on the ultra marathon distances. Of course, not every day is a long run – the rest of the posts are a mix of hiking, backpacking, camping, snowboarding and a few gear reviews. For a quick synopsis of the types of stories you’ll see on run.around.aroo take a peek at a few of these blog posts…

Happy Miles at Horsetooth || When Running Isn’t Easy || Snow Tubing: A New Take on Backcountry || Backpacking Canyonlands Natl Park
ExplOregon: We Could Have Died || My First 100M Ultra || From Blonde to Bald || My Some Day List || Running the Four Pass Loop

What’s Heidi Nicole all about?

In my non-blog life I work in social media marketing for an outdoor retailer and as a freelance contractor. I live in Colorado and spend the majority of my free time on the trails – either running, hiking, backpacking or snowboarding. I grew up in a tiny Central Wisconsin town and found a whole new world when I moved to Colorado in 2011. My life changed…both positively and negatively…and these changes got me to where I am today.

IMG_0007editimage-10 (1)

I have no exciting, inspiring story of how I went from 5K to 100+ miles I just said yes to one opportunity and then another and then another to get out, run further and meet new people. When I started as a road runner tracking every minute and stressing about the pace of my 6 mile run I would have rolled my eyes if you even suggested I’d spend double-digit hours on the trails running and hiking with no regard to the time on my watch. But that’s where I am today and I regret none of it. I like this version of me, this weird version of an ultra runner who isn’t out to impress anyone by myself. It’s nice, it’s easy and it’s fun. Things may change and I will probably evolve again…but until thing, bring on the trails, the rice krispie treats, the bacon and the endless hours in the mountains!

What’s #runabler about?

The entire premise of the hashtag #runabler started as a joke among friends about how persuasive people can be when they want someone to go running with them! No matter how miserable the final miles may be a runabler is there to encourage, enable and push their runablee to the finish, the trailhead or the next stop sign!


It’s actually a ton of fun being a runabler. You get to encourage friends to do make insane goals and then you get to watch them do amazing things! And you can’t just convince them sign up for a race and then abandon them to do all the training alone…you get to train with them, suffer with them, learn with them. That’s my favorite part. It’s like a built in run buddy you get to play on the trails with! Life is more fun!

#runabler website || @runabler Instagram

If you’re on Instagram use the #runabler hashtag on your photos to show off where your feet have taken you! If you’re a blogger check out the runabler.com website and get your recaps included. If you’re a crazy runner without a blog you should still head over to runabler.com – we’ll give you a place to share your story!

Logo Love

Over the years I’ve gotten attached to a few brands…brands that I wear, love and abuse on a near daily basis. More often than not I select gear based upon availability, sale prices and florescent colors, ignoring the brand name. However, with the logos shared below the brand actually means something to me. Some logos get love based entirely upon the product they create, other company’s get extra love because I really like what their all about and a few races get shout outs because they’re changing how I run.

Runners Roost Mountain Ultra Trail Team  Zensah Compression  GameOnPGH Marathon

OmniTen Columbia  Potable Aqua Ambassador

Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile Race  Potable Aqua Ambassador


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  1. Hey! Just came across your blog, I am from Wisconsin and dating my high school boyfriend still. We met in 7th grade and it was fate ;). Thought I’d stop in and say hey!

  2. I love that we both have husbands named Chris…I have never lived in WI – but my husband went to college in Milwaukee…then we met when he moved back to CO :)
    Sarah recently posted..October GoalsMy Profile

    • I’m right there with you. I won’t hesitate to suit up in snowboarding gear just to frolic in the yard but as soon as the snow gets crusty and brown I’m over it. So far CO had delivered wonderfully in the snow department!

    • Anyone who can also say “snow, yes!” and “kids, meh!” is a perfect friend in my book! I was to Lake Tahoe a few summers ago…and cannot wait to go snowboarding with views of the lake! Our season passes cover Heavenly and Northstar so we’ve talked of making the trip…do you have decent snow yet?! 😉

      • Oh wow…now I feel like a complete moron. Just so you know, I’m aware of the fact Lake Tahoe is in CA, not Utah…just felt the need to point that out! We were talking about Heavenly this morning and I had an “oh my goodnes, I’m an idiot” moment and had to come correct this! Gah. I am now going to go sit in the corner…and hide!

        All of that being said – where do you board in Utah, you know, places that actually exist within the boundaries of the state?

  3. Hey! Found you from Heather on Twitter – just wanted to say that we’ve got some things in common and you should join us for the Pure Barre class! My fiance and I are getting married on the day before our 6 year dating anniversary and he also lived in Wisconsin (MKE) for 1 year of those 6 – we love WI! Mmm. Cheese curds and beer. Anyway, hello!

  4. Hey Heidi,
    I’m also a fellow born and raised Wisconsinite. I’m just curious to what part of Wisconsin you grew up in. Since you tend to do a lot of stuff in the Twin Cities I’m guessing you are from western Wisconsin, which is also where I am from. I grew up in a small town near the MN/WI border near Rice Lake. Just curious.

    • I know! I think you’ve been in my Feedly for a while, just never followed up with Twitter! I kind of love BRC too — the people are awesome and who doesn’t love new shoes/gear?!

  5. Hi Heidi!

    I’m Kelly, a student from Vancouver. My team and I is group of 4th and 5th year Business Marketing students from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. We are working on a project for Arc’teryx, a Canadian outdoor sports retailer.

    I am hoping you could take 2 mins to do a survey about the women’s outdoor apparel industry :) We need expert opinions from bloggers like you!

    The link: http://goo.gl/forms/jcbAfXCpb3

    Thank you!


  6. Hi Heidi,

    I was passed your blog along on the outdoor bloggers group on FB. I am from here and there, and I’m totally digging your blog. I hope to make it to Colorado one day (hopefully during the summer). Anyway, I’m glad I found your blog, it’ll help for inspiration since I just started running again :)
    Angel recently posted..Mountain Biking in CancunMy Profile

    • Hi! Thank you! I’m working my way toward being more nomadic and kind of loving the freedom that comes with it. Let me know when you make it to CO [or, really, any part of the Western US…I’ll be traveling about] and maybe we can share trail stories IRL! :)

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