My name is Heidi. Heidi Nicole.
I grew up in a tiny town in central WI.
I’ve been in Colorado since 2011.
The commotion of the big city isn’t quite my thing,
but the nearby mountains help keep my country side sane.

I like to call myself a runner. Sort of.
I run with the Boulder Running Company Racing Team.
Recently I discovered trails…then ultramarathons.
In 2013 ran my first 50K and moved over to the dark side.
I took on two 50 milers [QR50 + NF50] during the spring of 2014.
And topped off my year with the Run Rabbit Run 100 miler!
What’s next?! More ultras…more long miles on the mountain trails!

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Since the move to Colorado my stash of gear has continued to grow.
I now have almost everything you need for…

trail running
mountain biking
mountain hiking

There is just something about Colorado and the people living here.
Everyone is inviting, encouraging and just plain awesome.
Adventures were started by tagging along and borrowing gear.
Then I discovered Sierra Trading Post and all bets were off.
It started with a lot of impulse gear shopping…now STP is my job!

Just in case that wasn’t quite enough information…

bright colors make me happy, especially green/orange/purple
I strongly prefer grocery shopping over clothes shopping
running shoes are the only shoes I enjoy shopping for
snow is my favorite form of precipitation
but I love the way a spring rain smells
I’m fairly low maintenance, but require mascara

So, there you have it. If you have questions…fire away.
If you want, email me: runaroundaroo@gmail.com



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  1. Hey! Just came across your blog, I am from Wisconsin and dating my high school boyfriend still. We met in 7th grade and it was fate ;). Thought I’d stop in and say hey!

  2. I love that we both have husbands named Chris…I have never lived in WI – but my husband went to college in Milwaukee…then we met when he moved back to CO :)
    Sarah recently posted..October GoalsMy Profile

    • I’m right there with you. I won’t hesitate to suit up in snowboarding gear just to frolic in the yard but as soon as the snow gets crusty and brown I’m over it. So far CO had delivered wonderfully in the snow department!

    • Anyone who can also say “snow, yes!” and “kids, meh!” is a perfect friend in my book! I was to Lake Tahoe a few summers ago…and cannot wait to go snowboarding with views of the lake! Our season passes cover Heavenly and Northstar so we’ve talked of making the trip…do you have decent snow yet?! ;)

      • Oh wow…now I feel like a complete moron. Just so you know, I’m aware of the fact Lake Tahoe is in CA, not Utah…just felt the need to point that out! We were talking about Heavenly this morning and I had an “oh my goodnes, I’m an idiot” moment and had to come correct this! Gah. I am now going to go sit in the corner…and hide!

        All of that being said – where do you board in Utah, you know, places that actually exist within the boundaries of the state?

  3. Hey! Found you from Heather on Twitter – just wanted to say that we’ve got some things in common and you should join us for the Pure Barre class! My fiance and I are getting married on the day before our 6 year dating anniversary and he also lived in Wisconsin (MKE) for 1 year of those 6 – we love WI! Mmm. Cheese curds and beer. Anyway, hello!

  4. Hey Heidi,
    I’m also a fellow born and raised Wisconsinite. I’m just curious to what part of Wisconsin you grew up in. Since you tend to do a lot of stuff in the Twin Cities I’m guessing you are from western Wisconsin, which is also where I am from. I grew up in a small town near the MN/WI border near Rice Lake. Just curious.

    • I know! I think you’ve been in my Feedly for a while, just never followed up with Twitter! I kind of love BRC too — the people are awesome and who doesn’t love new shoes/gear?!

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