White Water Rafting with AVA {Giveaway!}

Colorado Rafting - AVA - White Water Rafting

Disclosure: This trip was provided to me by Colorado Rafting AVA and this is a sponsored post + giveaway but all opinions are my own – we really did love it! Nearly every time we taking visiting family and friends into the mountains we are asked if we have ever gone white water rafting. More often than not they are talking about Clear Creek which runs along I-70. Every time we have had to answer “no, but maybe some day”. That “some day” happened this past Tuesday! We were given an amazing opportunity to go white water rafting with AVA Colorado Rafting! Thanks to a perfectly timed email Chris and I were able to go rafting, GoPro the entire trip, share our experience here and…most importantly, give the same experience to a local – or visiting – reader! Prior to our … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Refueling with the Refreshing! {BlendsGiving}

Happy Summer! Yup, it is officially summer time! And thankfully summer has brought us some humidity and even a little rain. On Sunday night it thundered for hours. Not a lot of run but a ton of thunder and lightning. Fred hated it – lots of belly crawling, but I loved it. I love to just listen to the thunder. So much so that I forced Chris to head outside at 8pm just so I could get away from traffic sounds and listen to the rumble of thunder. We went at the perfect time – there were some huge thunder boomers that you could feel in your chest! The weather of the weekend was pretty perfect, at least for what we had planned. On Friday night I met up with some local Denver bloggers for BlendsGiving which is basically a … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Climb On

A few weeks ago I went indoor rock climbing for the first time with Heather. I’d been climbing outside before, even took an introductory course with Apex Ex last year, but unless you count a few college team building experiences I’ve never climbed inside. I was a little nervous. For whatever reason climbing around outside seemed a lot less stressful than doing so in a building with a padded floor. Turns out I really like it. It’s definitely different from climbing outside and I’ll take scampering up legit rocks over odd-shaped hand holds screwed into a wall but I had enough fun to want to go back! Since the moment I left the parking lot and called Chris to tell him about it I’ve been on his case to give it a try. We finally got to head back to … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Shoulda got a Falcon…

Ever see the State Farm commercial where they talk about falcons? We have. And it gets repeated a lot around here. “Shoulda got a falcon…” might be a common phrase around here. We are weird like that. And not to worry, this spiel does have a purpose! This past weekend we decided to get ambitious and head up to Mount Falcon to explore. The trails up there are multi-use, so open to hikers, runners, mountain bikers and such. Chris wanted to go mountain biking but I was not game for that, I’d freeze my fingers off! I wanted to go running, but Chris wasn’t exactly game for that either so he rebelled by wearing jeans. To compromise we walked the trails. And this is what we go to see… It was a gorgeous day. A true bluebird day, minus the … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Hurts so…good?

If you haven’t noticed by my complete lack of running posts…my running has been suffering. I blame the darkness of winter and a work schedule that can’t stay the same two days in a row. Oh, and maybe I’m being a little bit lazy too. Maybe. But its probably the silly sun and this late rising, early setting thing it has going on! With the dark, chilly mornings and the outbreak of crazies in Colorado its incredibly difficult for me to get up early in the morning – especially if the only running I can safely do is on a treadmill. So I haven’t been getting up early. I’ve been sleeping in. And on top of this giving me an excuse to skip workouts its also making me feel rather useless in the morning. Not cool. Luckily I’ve found myself … [Click Here For the Full Story]