Life Lately: Zevia, Halloween, BRC

First, Happy November! My birthday month is over…which means it is Chris’s birthday month. I’m okay with that because my birthday month has one more day than his. I’m a one-upper like that. One thing I will never get tired of in Colorado is how amazing the weather is about 98% of the time. It is November and I am running outside in shorts/tanks while driving an hour into the mountains go to snowboarding. Perfect. So incredibly perfect. Also, I’m pretty sure Colorado won the fall color contest this year. Even if it is mostly yellow the colors I’m still seeing here are seriously trumping the little I saw in Wisconsin! And clearly I’m obsessed with the colors! Zevia Smarter Celebrations In non-mountain/color/crazy news I had an opportunity learned how to make some tasty appetizers I would have never even … [Click Here For the Full Story]

A Walk in the Park

This past weekend was spent “back home” in Wisconsin. I planned the weekend for a little family time and bridesmaid dress shopping but had high hopes for Midwesterly fall colors when I realized I’d finally make it home in October. I loved my time with family and had a great time talking weddings but the trees were a tad disappointing. They were way too green for my likings! But a few green leaves were not going to keep us from wandering around in the woods! My mom and I drove down to Illinois for a quick visit with my cousins. The weather held off so we ventured out to a nearby state park in search of fall colors. We didn’t find much orange or red but forest was still quite lively. One of the few things I truly miss about … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Meet… Messy Molly

Remember that one time when I promised to never again dedicate an entire post to a cat? Well, I lied. And its only partly my fault – the official results and photos still aren’t up for the 10K I ran on Sunday and I’m holding out for the legit numbers before I start getting cocky about my running. So, instead let me officially introduce you to… Messy Molly We considered Batshit Crazy Bella but decided to keep it PG, although we still call her “Crazy Cat” more often than Molly. Trust me, those names are not even a little bit harsh, she lives up to every variation possible! Literally. For example, she has this thing for q-tips. If you toss a q-tip in the garbage she will dump the garbage upside down and dig it out to drag around like … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Please Name Me…

Everyone is having babies… {seriously, check your FB feed, I’m pretty sure everyone is having babies} And we were feeling a little left out. So we got another cat. It seemed logical. Sort of. It all started when Chris came to Dumb Friends League with me to run the dogs. While I was getting the dogs all set to go he wandered through the cat kennels and decided we needed to bring one home. After two weeks of stalking the continued availability of one particular cat we finally talked ourselves into bringing her home! On Monday morning, after our bout of trail running and mountain biking, we took our sweaty, stinky selves to the Dumb Friends League to bring a friend home for Fred. The cat we had been eyeballing was a playful black female that was brought in as … [Click Here For the Full Story]

The Dog Days Of Summer…?

It’s not quite summer and Fred is not a dog. However, it sure felt like summer today and Fred was acting an awful lot like a dog! I spent a few hours of my afternoon sitting at my computer desk pecking away at the keyboard. After about 20 minutes of prancing around my desk, laying on my arms and literally nosing the thumb pad on my laptop {while I was trying to use the actual mouse…} he decided to lay by my feet. Like a dog. He gave me the stink eye every time I moved my chair! He is such a weirdo. Over the few hours of “cat napping” he took on the poses of “The Sphinx”, “The Exhibitionist”, “Thumper The Rabbit” and “Dead Cat”. His foot was comically twitching in his “Thumper” pose – I think he was … [Click Here For the Full Story]