Since we moved to Colorado in 2011 we’ve spent a lot of time in the mountains. At first the thought of hiking a fourteener was rather terrifying! I mean, climbing a mountain is a big deal, right?! Well, yes. But at the same time, it doesn’t necessarily have to be technical! We are slowly chipping away at the long list of 14ers in Colorado and after each summit I write a post – partly to share the experience, partly to show off the scenery.

We’ve even braved a few summits with our “flat lander” friends. Sometimes we give them advanced warning, other times we just suggest a few extra items for their packing list, promise to lend them anything else they need and then drag them into the Colorado wilderness! If we can do, they can do it…and if they can do it, so can you!

2012 Summits

La Plata Summit - Fourteener Group Photo

BierstadtOur First 14er Summit!
La PlataThe almost, but not quite 14er & La Plata…done right!
Mt ShermanFrom 600 to 14,000…

2013 Summits

Mt Elbert Summit - Fourteener Group Photo

Mt ElbertThe Highest Peak in CO & Fun on a 14er
Huron PeakHiking Huron Peak
Mt Oxford & Mt Belford2 Mountains in 1 Day
Mt Shavano & Tabeguache PeakMt Shavano & Tabeguache Peak
Redcloud Peak & Sunshine PeakA Red Sunrise
Mount of the Holy CrossHiking Holy Cross
Missouri MountainA Mountain of Misery

Mt Evans AscentI survived! & …next year?! – technically not a “summit” but a run up a 14er seems worth sharing here!

2015 Summits

After skipping a year of swapping out my peak bagging goals for some extra long distance training on the trails I finally got back to the mountain tops in 2015. To make the most of my time in the mountains I took on a set of summits close together, Decalibron. It took two tries to get all the summits but I am officially a summiter of Decalibrobros…yup, added South Bross in there too! The first trip report is all about food, the second trip report can be found on Bear Tracks since I slacked and failed to write about it!

I am far from an expert when it comes to climbing fourteeners and so far we have done fairly “easy” summits – although no 14er is ever really “easy” – but I am more than happy to answer any questions you have about hiking in the mountains. If I don’t have the answer I know quite a few Coloradans who’d love to share their experiences!


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