We moved to Colorado because of the mountains and in our little minds that meant snowboarding and mountain biking. Turns out hiking is also an option. We figured this out real quick and have discovered miles of upon miles of beautiful mountains this way! Follow these links to read more about our explorations…

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

The rumbling echo of the Rockies {first trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park}
Eelks & Deers & Meese Oh My {discovering the west side of RMNP & all its critters!}
A rocky mountain, literally {trekking up Twin Sister’s Peak, with a rain stop midway}
Oooh…waterfalls! {trekking up from the Wild Basin trailhead}
Wanna go elk hunting?! {happening upon elk at Milner Pass in RMNP}
A Free Day at RMNP {drive thru + continental divide trek}
The Hills Have Eyes {RMNP west side + Grand Lake}
Man Eating Chipmunks! {Bear Lake Trailhead + Alberta Falls}
Snowshoeing RMNP {first time on snowshoes!}
Playing Tour Guide {taking family up to RMNP in March}
Exploring New Trails {trails off the Chapin Creek Trailhead}

Around Colorado

Red Rocks

Summertime in Summit County {trekking up Loveland Pass & by Sapphire Point}
Red Rocks & the Beauty of Fall! {Red Rocks + South Platte River Trail}
Legs vs Lungs {Mathews/Winters Park + Red Rocks}
Roaming around Colorado {Loveland Pass + Waterton Canyon}
Hey Fatty! {horseback riding on Breck}


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