Finding Fun in Misery [Steamboat Marathon]


Okay, this is getting a little bit ridiculous. It’s been nearly three weeks since I ran the Steamboat Marathon and, while I have a few failed attempts saved, I am yet to actually write about the race. In my defense I haven’t had time to write about anything but what’s really holding me back about this race recap is the gigantic gap between the important parts I want to share and coherent writing. The race was important to me for a few reasons – it was a road race I had a few time goals for, my mom + friends + Jeremy spent the weekend in Steamboat for this race and because, at the end of the day, I learned … Continue reading

Twenty Freaking Seconds [Colfax Half Marathon]


I’m about the recap my version of the 2015 Colfax Half Marathon approximately four [very long…] weeks after the fact. As a rather impromptu race it wasn’t necessarily a huge day for me but I learned a lot, got one heck of a confidence boost in my ability and finish just 20 freaking seconds shy of my half marathon PR so I really want to write about it, if only as a reminder of what I learned. In theory I would have been smart enough to take these lessons and use them during the Steamboat Marathon but…I’m not quite that smart! After a Saturday full of hiking, storage unit organizing and ice cream eating race morning rolled around way too … Continue reading



For the record I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, just the tiny little that is the internet. There have been another round of major life changes going down here in the Land of Heidi and rather than try to put everything into words I’ve let all my social oversharing fall to the wayside [well, except for Instagram because a photo is worth a thousand words, right?!]. And what’s been going on lately?! A little bit of running in the mud, a little bit of racing [Greenland 25K + Colfax Half Marathon] and a lot bit of changing up pretty much every aspect of my life! There are more adventures on the horizon but until then, this is … Continue reading

Just Go Get Dirty


Here in Colorado we have had a LOT of rainy days and many people have been very vocal about their dislike for this gloomier-than-usual weather. Sure, there is a very good chance that 2015 will fail to delivery the “300 days of sunshine” Coloradoans like to brag about but I’ve been kind of loving the cool days + rainy weather + cloudy runs. The trails have been muddy and, while it does make running tricky, I think mud is fun. And since mud running is about all I’ve done outside lately I’m going to go ahead and talk about muddy running, again! Two weeks ago [which feels like about two months ago!] I hung out at Chautauqua Park in Boulder … Continue reading

Sweet + Sticky Goodness [GoodPop Giveaway]


Disclaimer: This post + the giveaway is sponsored by GoodPop as part of my Blend Retreat attendance. And just like that it’s the weekend again…or something like that! I worked a grand total of two days this week and am headed off to the Blend Retreat this afternoon for a weekend of food + trails + Boulder with a whole slew of blogger friends! And since it’s my version of the weekend I think we should all celebrate! And what better way to celebrate than with some deliciously sweet + sticky goodness on a stick!? Of course I’m talking about GoodPop…which are tasty popsicles made of real fruit + flavors that you’ll love, I promise! [Side Note: If you’re coming … Continue reading