Alone in the Mountains [Schonbielhutte]


There were only a few hours between my “I should go somewhere” thoughts and my “hop on a train” actions but I did do a little Google’ing to get a feel for the trails in the Zermatt area. The Schonbielhutte was on my radar but the hut’s website was very vague about when it closed for the season. I checked with the Zermatt Tourism Office but the woman simply read me the website…super helpful. Or not. So, when I came upon the sign that said “Schonbielhutte 1h 25m” I decided to check out the hut for myself. Worst case scenario, the hut would be closed and I would be hiking along remote mountain trails next to the Matterhorn on an absolutely gorgeous day for another three hours. Best case scenario, the hut would be open and I’d get to spend another night in the mountains. After about an hour of hiking I ran into the first few people of the day. They were headed down from the hut, I was headed up. A few minutes later, I was at the … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Real Talk: People Make the World Go Round


Welp, I’m officially a year old than I was on this date 365 days ago! More notably, I am 29 years older than I was 10,585 days ago. Probably. In all my time on this earth I have never been that great at math. What I’m trying to say…in a lot if words, something I’ve always been good at…is that today is my birthday. I toyed with the idea of going in a grand adventure but instead I watched Ice Age while eating breakfast in bed, took the long trail to the grocery store, snagged a train ride home and retreated back to my bed with all the snacks. Why? Definitely not because there aren’t any adventures to be had, I have quite a to-do list waiting for me. I’m being lazy because my body said so…by not so politely taking over my sinuses, mass producing snot and blessing me with a pretty stellar man voice. Yup, I’m sick. For no reason other than the fact I get sick every spring and fall, without fail. I know the signs, I’m … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Escaping Zermatt


Zermatt is a tourist city, there is no denying that. The moment you step off the train you feel the “tourist vibe” humming around you. The people behind the desk at the tourism office have a rehearsed spiel, the streets are teaming with selfie sticks and each little shop has its own carousel of beautiful postcards. Personally, I am not a fan of the “tourist vibe”, as hypocritical as that may be. The cities that have grown to accommodate tourists always feel stifling + staged…but they grew for a reason. The mountain trails + wilderness surrounding these kitschy tourist cities are stunning. And the true perk of these overgrown cities? Most tourists stay in the cities, or at least close to them, leaving the more remote + challenging trails empty for people like me! I left the crowded Matterhorn Hostel early on Wednesday morning with a map in hand. The woman at the hostel’s reception had laughed as she put big X’s through all the areas she would avoid on her day off. I told her I wanted to go … [Click Here For the Full Story]



A lot has changed over the past two months, but at the same time life feels very normal. Weirdly normal. I’m living in Switzerland, working for a couple I’ve only known for a few weeks, living in a hostel with a revolving door of strangers and grocery shopping with Google Translator in hand. — photo credit: Roland Pabst, a Swiss American photographer I met at Cabana d’Orny with his wife — Some people might say this is because destiny put me where I belong. Maybe. Or I’ve just figured out how to adjust and adapt to the world around me, creating a life I really love. Either way…life’s been doing pretty good and this is what I’ve been doing + thinking lately… …sweaty, smelly and exhausted from an impromptu trip to Zermatt to scope out the Matterhorn …eating lots of Thai food, and really liking it…even more than Swiss fondue …thankful for my little hostel nook with a big window, it’s about as roomy as my Forester and it’s perfect …becoming oddly obsessed with Ryan Adams’ 1989 covers — I don’t even … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Sunshine + Rain: Cabana de Plan Neve


It turns out the Swiss Alps really are littered with Swiss Alpine Club huts and their privately owned lookalikes. At Chalet Martin I met Caroline, another WorkAway from the States, and after a few days of extra fridge cleaning and bed making we ran away from civilization for a night in a mountain hut. At Merlin’s suggestion we headed toward Cabana de Plan Neve, a smaller hut nestled in a mountain valley. When we left the hostel the low hanging clouds were threatening rain but as the day progressed the sun broke through the clouds and we ditched our rain gear for tank tops as we trekked down into Les Gorges, through Les Plans and up toward Pont de Nant. Hiking through Les Gorges was beautiful — a narrow trail led us along a rushing river through a thick forest full of moss-covered trees. It was calm and relaxing and stunning. Unless you needed to pee, then all the rushing water and too-close-to-a-river trail was a mild form of torture. The gorges led us to Plan sur Bex, a small town … [Click Here For the Full Story]