Beyond the Filters

When the majority of your life is spent online it is EXTREMELY easy to topple over the event horizon and spiral down the black hole of “their life is SO much cooler than mine, why do I suck so much?!”. Trust me, I know this. I spend an insane amount of time online and since Twitter is literally my job I cannot just shut off the computer and walk away. I am required to pay attention to everyone else’s adventures + accomplishments + awesome lives. It’s inspirational, it’s motivating and it’s full of gorgeous pictures.

It is also extremely easy to hate on my own life because it isn’t one gigantic snow capped mountain surrounded by farting unicorns and the perfectly composed photo. On the weekends I can turn this off. I can walk away from Instagram, from Twitter, from Feedly…and just get lost in my own little mountain bubble where the mountains majestic and the weather is perfect and everything feels right.


But then Monday morning rolls around…and I get to spend hours scrolling through feeds filled with stories everyone else’s fantastic weekend full of perfect adventures and laughable mishaps. It’s so easy to let yourself tip toe over that tiny gray line that takes you from “ooh, that looks incredible, someday I’ll do that!” to “ugh, why did I even bother with my tiny recovery hike, what they did looks SO much cooler!”. It’s a sad, scary place to be. At the moment your jealous is hiding it but deep down you know you’re adventure was just a great…because every moment you get to go outside and explore is a moment worth living.

So, how do you avoid that black hole of self doubt?! You put life into perspective. You pay attention to what’s going on around you, in real life…not behind the filters of Instagram or the vague tweets on Twitter. You forget about what the internet cares about and you live.

On your drive up Lefthand Canyon on a mission to get some fall weather running footage/photos for the internet you notice the family enjoying their time together in the very river that ripped their lives apart last year [an area that was heavily damaged in the 2013 Colorado floods]. You pick up on how they are finding a way to be happy and make the most of life, even if their garage is literally a pile of sticks behind them.


You take the time to chat with someone at a trailhead and offer up the water you have in the car when you realize they were seriously banking on the “seasonal closure” of this trailhead’s water access to come a week later. Rather than be jealous of the incredible mountain biking photos they will have to post online you can give them mad respect for taking on their longest ride ever along trails you’ve only run in short segments.

When chatting up a friend about the less exciting parts of training for an ultra [such as nutrition and balancing life + running and all that jazz] you learn that their running has been a whole lot more than the smiley emoticons that show up on Instagram. This leads to a long conversation with almost nothing off limits and you walk away with a new found respect for every single one of their goals, their failures and their successes!


This is when the reality check of “oh, right…everything posted online is filtered!” slaps you in the face. And it’s not just the Valencia filter on Instagram we’re talking about here. People are posting about the exciting parts of their lives. They are sharing only the version of themselves they want the internet to see…only the parts that are worthy of double taps and RT’s and comments. Because that is what the internet is all about. That’s why we love the internet, and it’s also why we sometimes hate ourselves far more than we ever should.

With this realization you can go back to being proud of the reality that is your life, back to being happy about the adventures you managed to fit into your busy life schedule, back to being satisfied with the accomplishments you have pulled off against all odds. This is the moment when your leap away from the self doubt side of that tiny gray line and firmly plant yourself on the motivational side. This is when the internet and all of its social platforms goes back to being a never ending stream of inspiration, encouragement and excuses to get your butt outside to make your own story to share! Don’t let all of the filters make you forget about this moment…


Welcome to October. I kind of love this month. Partly because it’s my birthmonth and while I don’t actually celebrate all month long you better believe I pull out the “but it’s my birthmonth…” whine on occasion! And partly because October’s weather means leggings + boots + sweaters + scarves are back to being a staple in my life…and will stay a staple for about 5 months because Colorado is just that awesome!

Subaru Commercial in Colorado

Since the blog has been all about my running I thought I’d kidnap this “currently” post idea from Lynn at lgsmash to get some random thoughts + feelings out there without boring you all to death! So, currently, this is what’s going on in my life…

…discovering new music, like LP, an artist that pairs nicely with Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson station.

…attempting to budget, like the grown adult I’m supposed to be, even if it means I can’t buy all the gear.

…adding to my “grown adult” to-do list with fun things like oil changes and dentist appointments.

…truly enjoying my time away from running, sleeping in until 7:30am is amazing, btw!

…planning a long weekend trip to the PNW, just because I can and to see a few smiling faces!

…playing Betty Crocker with my crock pot, so much soup + stew!

…compiling a “must buy” list of gear for upcoming fastpacking trips — ENO hammocksUD FastPack, etc.

…killing spiders, the one part of fall I hate, especially with an old house/poor fitting screens!

…binge watching New Girl, Parenthood and How I Met Your Mother on Netflix, don’t judge!

…toying with the idea of making strength/yoga a regular part of my life using Paige + Kait for inspiration.

…eyeballing, yup, I’m ready to start planning for next year’s races!

…finding happy in the little things, because that really is what life is all about, right?

…getting excited to hit the trails again, my body is nearly ready!

And there you have it, my life in a tiny little nutshell. It’s amazing how much extra time you have when you’re not up early to go running and spending your weekends on the trails. I’m missing my trail time but I’ve truly enjoyed my couch time…and ice cream time, because you bet your booty the ice cream is still happening on a [nearly] daily basis!

Happy October y’all…get outside and enjoy it!