Snowshoe Shenanigans!


In preparation for our trek around Torres del Paine in Chile I decided it was necessary for Logan and I to figure out how we deal with stress…you know, in case something goes wrong in a foreign country where neither of us speak the language. Besides, a little misery training always does a person good, right?! That is how our plan to summit a winter 14er came to be – we were going to put ourselves in a situation that would result in misery for the sole purpose of making sure neither of us got murdered for being annoying, whining or generally unlikable. Looking back I basically created the perfect plan for my own death. Luckily we were able to … Continue reading

Ramping Up! [AZ200 Update #1]


Sooo…I’ve officially survived my first month of intentional AZ200 training! I am using the term “training” rather loosely as the last month has been a lot of testing my legs + body + brain to see how they’d hold up to higher miles without putting too much pressure on the mileage or terrain or…anything but “get yo’ self out there gurl” type of running. The results? My body is happy! My brain is happy! I might actually survive training + racing! Rather than dig into every single run or tally out every tenth of a mile I want to focus on the overall month of running — partly because that’s boring and partly because that starts to put pressure on … Continue reading

Keep Life Colorful


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Finish Line + Saucony but all opinions are my own. If you’re meeting me for the first time, especially if it’s for a run of some sort, I’ll probably send you a message that says “I’m here – the awkward girl in neon near the sign!” so you can find me. Maybe I wore neon so you could easily find me…or maybe I just own a LOT of neon! The latter is more accurate – I own a lot of neon and I don’t always put effort into keeping it from clashing like a box of melting highlighters. Bright colors make me happy. Even when I’m not feeling like a bubbling pile of smiles … Continue reading



Well, hello there February. Some how we have already strutted our way into the second month of the year! It seems surreal, but probably because half of January, the proverbial “dead of winter”, has been sunny and warm here in Colorado. We have literally had summery temperatures with a week of highs hitting above 60 degrees. That is crazy…kind of awesome, but crazy. Of course, I’m sure we’ll pay for this in March when we get hit with blizzards and cold. But I digress, enough weather talk. What’s going on in my life right now? If I sit and think about it my life feels like this weird mix of crazy busy + extended waiting games. A lot has been … Continue reading

#runabler kick-off


When people wanted to track my progress during the RRR100 I decided to use the #runabler hashtag to pull all the updates together – it kept my mom in the loop and gave Heather quick access to comments from the internet that she shared with me while she was pacing me. Plus, it’s kind of an awesome work – you combine run with abler and boom, you get a runabler. And that’s exactly what everyone at the race and online was doing for me – they were enabling my running! I kind of fell in love with the word and have been using it for the past few months. It’s just such a fun work and a rather unique hashtag. … Continue reading