Schreckhornhutte: A Failed Attempt


One of the first things many people suggest when I ask for their “must see” parts of Switzerland is “Grindelwald”! With so many people – both city lovers and mountain explorers – telling me I had to visit this area I decided to make it a stopover on my way to my WorkAway in Gryon. On my way I stopped in Interlaken, another “ooh, you should go to…” suggestion, for an afternoon + night. Honestly, if I did it again, I’d just skip Interlaken all together. Maybe I didn’t do the right kind of exploring in the area, but it felt like just another tourist city and full of distracted tourists. [granted, I did not visit Harder Kulm or spend … Continue reading

Heididorf: The Story of Heidi


There is a book called “Heidi”. For real. It was published in 1881 so it is not my story, but there are some pretty ironic tie-ins to my life so when I realized I was just an hour train ride away from Heididorf, the original setting of the book, I had to go! I threw a fair bit of money at my train ticket [before I learned about the half fare pass…harumph] and arrived in Maienfeld early on a Tuesday afternoon. I was immediately greeted with a sign flaunting Heididorf with a photo of a young girl in the mountains. I was about to spend half a day surrounded in all things Heidi… After a stop at the HeidiLand Tourism … Continue reading

Exploring the City of Zurich


I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the best person to go to for city exploration advice but…I did spend an entire week in the city of Zurich so I did find a few cool places worth checking out, even if you swear you’re not a city person. Plus, I took photos and am always looking for an excuse to share them! These are the areas I visited while wandering around the city of Zurich… Running + Walking Along Lake Zurich Getting to Zurichsee/Lake Zurich is easy. Each train stop has a map that tells you where you are and the lake is the very obvious blue spot. Snag yourself a ticket [your best bet is probably a 24hr … Continue reading

The Trails Above Zurich


I’m always quick to say “I’m not a city girl”…and I think that is a true statement. Cities make me uncomfortable and I find them to be very overwhelming. They are complex with varied rules, confusing signs and hundreds of people to watch you flounder about. I get nervous and awkward in cities, there is no doubt about it. However, I still managed to happily spend 7 days in Zurich, Switzerland. Having a friend in town helped but the most relaxing days in the city were days when I was alone, exploring at my pace and awkwardly putting my “but, I’m a country girl” excuse to good use, repeatedly. It turns out the city of Zurich also has a healthy … Continue reading

Off the Beaten Path [Cabana d’Orny]


When I left Champex, Switzerland on my day hike up to Glacier d’Orny I was really just hoping for some time away from tourist feel of the city. I wasn’t quite ready to commit myself to the extra bus ride that would be required if I stayed on the Tour du Mont Blanc trail, just to bail off the next day…so I hiked up, up, up. There is a ski lift/cable car that will take you up the mountain from the edge of Champex but when you’re day hiking that is cheating, right? I tromped on past that cable car and found the single track that zigged and zagged it’s way up the mountainside one skree field at a time. Once … Continue reading