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When you’re perusing the internet for a race to sign up for there are a few things that go into deciding where to throw your money. Things like location, the course, elevation and date tends to matter but what happens when you’re down to 2-3 races that all fit the basic requirements? You look for personal experiences! And that is exactly what this list is for – it’s a compilation of race reports + race recaps that I’ve found interesting, from races I’ve run or races I am personally eyeballing. Enjoy.

Colorado Race Recaps

As a Colorado resident I’m a little impartial to Colorado – the terrain is stunning, the races are close to home and if I’m not running the race there’s a pretty good chance I’m either volunteering + crewing…or know someone who is!


Quad Rock 25M + 50M – Fort Collins, CO


Greenland Trail 8M + 25K + 50K – Larkspur, CO

Golden Gate Dirty Thirty – Blackhawk, CO


North Fork 50K + 50M – Pine, CO

Chase the Moon 12 Hour Run – Highlands Ranch, CO

Leadville 100 – Leadville, CO


Run, Rabbit, Run 50M + 100M – Steamboat Springs, CO

photo 5

Tommyknocker Ultras 50K + 100K – Woodland Park, CO


Bear Chase 50K + 50M + 100K – Lakewood, CO

Boulder 24Hr + 100M + 6Hr + 50K – Boulder, CO


Indian Creek Fifties 50K + 50M – Sedalia, CO

This list is always getting updated – with new races and new recaps. If you ran a Colorado trail race [does NOT have to be an ultra] leave a comment or shoot me an email at runaroundaroo@gmail.com and I’ll get it added to the list!

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