Some Day

I have big dreams and a crazy wild imagination. I also have a pretty big ego and all kinds of confidence in my ability to do all sorts of awesome things…maybe, some day. More often than not I’ll read about an exciting adventure or watch a documentary on a far away country and immediately say “some day…”.

Canary Islands – Mount Teide in the Teide National Park

So, here is my list of the things I will some day do. I might not be any good at it and quite honestly some thing will only go down in my imagination. Either way, I will give it my best shot!

  • Pilot a plane – and just maybe own one if I get crazy rich!
  • Zip line in a jungle.
  • Get my writing published…on paper!
  • Host a family holiday or get together.
  • Foster shelter animals. I did adopt one!
  • Run a redemption marathon. Done! Completed the Fargo Marathon on May 19th and loved it!
  • Visit the Canary Islands and climb up as high as possible to see the Northern Lights.
  • Snowboard in the Alps.
  • Instruct a spin class.
  • Return to South Korea and the DMZ.
  • Run a farm of sorts – goat farm, hobby farm, vegetable farm…
  • Grow a successful garden.
  • Get Lasik eye surgery.
  • Climb a mountain – done, but still a work in progress with the 14ers in Colorado!
  • Try out white water rafting. Went with AVA Colorado Rafting and loved it!
  • Run a long relay race. I became a #1 Stunner at the Wild West Relay!
  • Visit Queenstown, New Zealand.
  • Go rock climbing, outside on legit rocks. Done! Took a free course with Apex Ex!
  • Visit more of the US National Parks – lots of visits to RMNP + a trip to Sequoia & Yosemite
  • Run a trail race – at least a half marathon. Ran Xterra Trail Half, which led to many more trail races!
  • Create/Find and maintain a manageable strength training routine.
  • Remodel/Move into a really nice kitchen & decorate it to fit the house.
  • Make homemade ice cream.
  • Run an ultra marathon. Ran Bear Chase 50K!
  • Earn legit ultra cred by taking on a 50M mountain race. Ran Quad Rock 50M and North Fork 50M.
  • Run a 100M race…and smile at the finish line. Boom, done! Did Run, Rabbit, Run 100!

Of course this list is ever changing…or at least growing. I highly doubt I’ll be taking anything off this list! Am I the only one with a some day list?! What do you plan on doing…some day down the road?

{updated 11.29.13}


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  1. I totally have a “someday” or bucket list! I have a few similar ones to yours too, and I would definitely put triathlon on mine, except I can’t swim. Seriously. :( anyway, I stumbled across your blog from Lauren @oatmeal and will have to try to keep following now. I just moved to Colorado recently and need some ideas on good trails and other places to explore!

    • Take swimming lessons! Sounds silly as an adult, but I just took some and its worth it. I mean, I’m not an Olympian but I’ve gotten better!

      And welcome! If you have any questions let me know…I’ll try to be helpful! :)

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