Panerathon 10…or 5K!

This past weekend I ran a race. I actually ran hard for this race and it hurt. Quite a bit. This was my first actual “race” where I ran with a goal since the marathon in May. Running hard was not my plan but I tend to make impulse decisions. The Panerathon 10K was on my calendar for a few months. I started out with high hopes for the 10K but eventually I settled with having just a fun, easy run that ended with free Panera food. Well, until race day.  You see, Erin, the speedster behind EfoRunner, was also running the race. Emphasis on the speedster, no emphasis on my ability to resist a challenge. Now I know I’m not nearly as fast as she is but being around a competitive, fast runner does something to a person. It … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Half Training: Week 5…Panerathon 10k Race

Workout Wanda: The Panerathon 10K with a 2 mile warm up for a grand total of 8.2 miles! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First, I want to apologize for last night’s post. It is nothing near what I had planned on it being. Throughout the day I had thought up random witty things to work into a “day before the race post”. Obviously I was quite tired and potentially a bit delusional because that is definitely not what I wrote and published last night…whoops. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anywho, onto my rambling about the Panerathon 10K! I got up extra early to get my game face on and drag Chris’s less than excited butt out of bed. We headed up to the Westminster Panera a little earlier than necessary because I needed to cover about 2 miles before the race even started if I was going to … [Click Here For the Full Story]