31days:31outfits…The Results!

Well, today was my last day in the 31days:31outfits challenge. I was proactive and spent my Saturday morning cleaning out every nook and cranny in my closet so I photos for you! This is what my closet started out like… Relatively organized…but FULL! I was running out of hangers, which is how this challenge came to be. Every work day for the past 31 days I have posted a photo of my outfit for that day – every day I had to wear a different outfit. Any “work appropriate” clothing I did not wear during the 31 days had to be donated. Check out the original post for the full details. I was a little apprehensive about whether or not I would make it 31 days…there was no need for fear! I could probably go 45 days in different outfits! … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Finally…the weekend!

Yesterday I got home from work and curled up in a ball on the couch with a fuzzy blanket and the last of my jelly beans. I stayed in the fetal position until my jelly beans were gone…then I decided I should probably be responsible and make an actual meal. Yup, that describes how my day went. Oddly enough (or not so odd if you ask Chris), nothing went wrong – I was just plain grouchy…I felt like a very grumpy ice dragon… I should have gone for a run…but I didn’t. I laid on the couch. What?! The couch was comfy…I was sleepy…and most importantly, I was still grumpy! Only one day left in my 31days:31outfits challenge…this morning I got ambitious and cleaned out my closet. I piled up everything I am getting rid of and made some pathetic … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Guess what…?!

I have exciting news…it is almost the weekend! It has been a long week. I haven’t been busy, I haven’t had extra stress at work, I haven’t gotten a lot of miles it….but even so, the week felt so stinking long! I am ready for Saturday. No alarm (for me at least…), no agenda (aside from a 12 miler…), no work (in the office anyway…). Okay, it seems pretty obvious that I have lots of plans for the weekend, but none of it involves getting up, getting dressed and driving to the office. That is what matters! I spent my morning cleaning out my closet so there was no run. Whoops, but to make up for the missed run I went to the Y on my lunch for NROLFW, S1WBD6. My arms hurt… However, I did manage to figure out … [Click Here For the Full Story]

I’m sleepy…

Another quick post…I’ve been working a later shift and by the time I get home I am just tired, worn out and not in the mood to talk about myself. Weird, right?! This morning I whipped out a quick 2 miles (average pace of 8:43) on the indoor track at the UW and then called it quits. I need to get a little more distance in on my weekday runs…I really do. Maybe tomorrow…maybe! At least my shorter runs are fast, right?! Tonight I made a big ol’ crock pot full of Baked Potato Soup for work tomorrow – one of the girls at work is having a birthday and we always bring all sorts of food for birthdays!  I first say this recipe on Brie Fit, and followed a link on over to SkinnyTaste for the full recipe. I … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Improv Exercises…

I spent my entire morning slacking off but I did manage to motivate myself just enough to get some improv exercise in…   I scrubbed orange looking cat barf out of our relatively white carpet. No, I do not know why Fred barfed on the floor…but I think it might have something to do with the crazy workout he put himself through at 6am! He was running around the house and up/down the stairs like a possessed monkey!   During my lunch I headed outside for a speedy fast 2.5 mile run – 22:20 minutes, 8:50 avg pace. The weather is great considering we got dumped on with snow on Sunday/Monday. I figured it was cool enough out that I could head outside for a run and not get sweaty/gross – I was only slightly wrong. Whoops, at least no … [Click Here For the Full Story]