Earning Legit Ultra Cred

It has been almost two weeks since I ran my first ultra race – the Bear Chase 50K. When I wrote the race recap I had a million things to say about the race and my overall experience – as is evident by the 3,000 word recap! I cut out a lot of little details with plans to do a follow up post, but now, weeks later, I don’t have the words for the feelings. But I do have lots of race day photos to share – thanks to Running Guru – and a few plans for my running future… Around Mile 5 I do know one thing, I don’t feel like an ultra runner. I know that is silly. I ran an ultra, I am an ultra runner. For the first time ever I understand where people are coming … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Bear Chase 50k – My First Ultra

I have officially ran my first ultra – the Bear Chase 50K – so I guess that means I get to start calling myself an ultra marathoner, right? It feels weird to say that. In the grand scheme of things 31 miles really isn’t that far, especially when you consider 50 miles or 100 miles or more. And this 50K was hands down easier than any of my marathons, both mentally and physically. That doesn’t mean I won’t talk nonstop about this race to anyone who will listen… We’re all actually really lucky this race even happened this weekend. The race is held in Bear Creek Lake Park which is apparently designed to dam up any flood waters before it can take out thousands of homes to the east. With all the rain in Colorado lately the park and its … [Click Here For the Full Story]

A Forest of Crazy {50K Trail Race}

Its weird how the brain works. All it takes is a few enablers to whole-heartedly support a fleeting idea. Before you know it the seed has been planted and that silly idea is sprouting into a whole damn forest of crazy. Welcome to my brain – a forest of crazy! A few weeks ago I ran the Wild West Relay with a whole team of crazies. They were all incredible runners and as usual failed to mention the misery that goes into hardcore training cycles. Instead they told stories of gorgeous scenery, amazing people and pushing the limits on trails. They made it sound fun. I mean, they even look fun, right?! Days later, while stuck in standstill traffic, I was still thinking about trail running. And racing. If I could pull off personal bests when running on zero sleep … [Click Here For the Full Story]