Snowboarding…in October

This post is going to be a prime example of how NOT to humble brag…I’m just straight up bragging, nothing humble is going on here! Its October, we went snowboarding and we took photos just so we could tell the world how cool Colorado is! Somewhere under my layers is my beloved Columbia mid-weight baselayer. Seriously love that thing! The snow wasn’t perfect and the resort was barely open – only 4 worthy runs open – but we were decked out in our gear and strapped to our snowboards well before Thanksgiving! We went to Arapahoe Basin and they have actually been open since October 13th but we finally found the time to head up this past Monday. Its weird to think about snowboarding when Denver is still toasty warm…or randomly rainy. When we were at ABasin it was sunny … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Season Pass Snobs

Workout Wanda: Snowboarding and NROLFW 2.B.3. After hopping out of bed at 5:30am we finally decided to head up to the mountains around 9:30am. Why the heck were we willingly out of bed at long before sunrise?! Well, that is just what happens when you go to bed at 8pm! We are old like that. In our early morning boredom we watched Super Troopers and a few episodes before I talked Chris into suiting up for another trip up to Summit County for boarding! Luckily the traffic was easy peasy, which was good considering I was today’s driver! Our first stop was Arapahoe Basin, the smallest Summit County resort. We have only been to this mountain once before and that was back in 2007 and our first impression was “small resort”…which is quite accurate. However, the runs looked wider than … [Click Here For the Full Story]