A new running game!

We have invented a new running game. And by “we” I mean Chris. Yes, Chris. As in the guy who doesn’t even believe in the act of running. Let me start from the beginning… Last month I won a pair of ASICS from the Road Runner Sports Adventure Run. On Friday I talked Chris into heading north with me to pick out my new shoes. I hate shoe shopping, especially when it comes to new running shoes. It stresses me out. I tried on every single neutral shoe in the store but nothing wow’ed me. My feet didn’t truly love a single pair. There was one that may have worked but with my freebie shoes there could be no exchanges. I freaked out a little bit. Then I talked Chris into trying on some trail running shoes. You know, for … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Mysterious Speed = New Shoes!

I haven’t spent much time talking about running…partly because I haven’t been doing much running. Life has been happening. A lot of life. And unfortunately, even with fancy new shoes to motivate me, running has been pushed aside. At least a little bit. The exciting part of running hasn’t been happening, although a few miles have magically appeared. One of those magical miles just so happened to be speedy fast. Last Wednesday I managed to scamper away from work just long enough to head out for a group run with Boulder Running Company. I have been able to get to their early morning boot camps pretty consistently but have been missing out on Wednesday night’s speed work. Of course the day I finally manage to show put they decide to do a time trial! However…I managed to hold back my … [Click Here For the Full Story]