ApexEx Avalanche Training–Day 2

And…over a week after posting about Day 1 of avalanche training I’m finally getting into Day 2 of our training. Better late than never, right?! This is one of those posts that I need to sit down and write – without Burn Notice sucking up our Netflix bandwith in the background. When we got home after Day 1 we had just enough energy to nom down our Little Caesar’s pizza and fall into bed. Turns out snowshoeing and digging 6 foot deep pits in the snow is a lot of work. Day 2 started out early again with a two hour drive north into Rocky  Mountain National Park – more specifically the Hidden Valley Trailhead. While Day 1 was all about preventing avalanches Day 2 was focusing on how to survive one if you aren’t so lucky. We finally got … [Click Here For the Full Story]

ApexEx Avalanche Training–Day 1

Its not secret that we moved to Colorado for the mountains. If I never had the chance to flat out tell you that I’m thinking that the never ending photos and talk of the mountains may have been a bit of a give away. After a few foolish trips in the mountains {namely an afternoon…or two…of bad weather in RMNP} we gained a real respect for the mountains. During the summer months this meant we always had water with us, the weather was checked before we left and layers of clothing were tossed in the car, just in case. Come not-very-snowy months of winter things changed a bit. Snow is fun but it was also rather dangerous. When the snow stayed in place on the mountain it was a blast and worth the money we blew on season passes while … [Click Here For the Full Story]