A Perfect Mix

This week will be the first week in many months that I’ve actually had a legitimate work week. You know, the standard kind where you go to work for 8+ hours a day for 5 days a week. My first one in months. I’m loving the “in months” part of that, not exactly head over heels for the week ahead of me. I’ve been blessed but now its time for the reality of adult life to kick in. Obviously this isn’t exactly part of the perfect mix… My perfect mix is a lot more fun than working and this past week I managed to get a little bit of everything Colorado has to offer in December. Backcountry powder. Corduroy runs. Rolling trails. Gorgeous sunsets. Incredible people. Cuddly cat. Splitboarding at Butler Gulch Early morning riding at Keystone Sunny trail runs … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Backcountry: Our First Time Skinning

A few months ago we purchased two Voile splitboards at a killer discount on The Clymb then spent another month researching all the other gear we’d need – skins, bindings, beacons, shovels, probes, trekking poles, etc. Uh, there is a lot that goes into splitboarding. With in-bounds/resort boarding you simply screw a pair of bindings to a board and you’re off. With splitboarding you have to pick out skins and potentially bindings. The skins need to be trimmed to fit your board which is nerve wrecking – I cut up $175 strips of sticky plush with the equivalent of a letter opener! Next you have to decide if you’re spending more money on splitboard specific bindings or if you’re going to rig up your in-bounds bindings to work. We did the latter. They work fine. Yea, this was all a … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Never lose respect… {Loveland Pass Avalanche}

On Monday night when we were running #BostonStrong it wasn’t just about Boston for me. Yes, Boston was the reason I layered up and headed into the blowing snow. The horrible events of last week were the motivation behind the group run. But as I made my way around the lake and as the snow picked up I realized I was running for more than that. I was running off all the frustrations for the long, emotionally draining week. Not just Boston, but West, Texas and Loveland Pass and every other part of the world dealing with tragic, deadly, traumatizing events. ____________________ The official snowboarding season is coming to a close but the snow keeps coming. Unfortunately this late season snow makes for some very dangerous backcountry. To make it even scarier most resorts are closed so backcountry is the … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Just Be

Well, we survived our first hut trip! Not only did we survive, we had fun…and just might do it again some time! At the moment I’m playing catch up with life. Let’s just say being completely disconnected was amazing! We got to “just be” for three whole days. No worries about emails or blogging or doing laundry or eating or anything. We played cards, jumped in the snow and made one hell of a sled luge! It was fabulous! If only I could put my phone on “airplane mode” and use it solely for relatively good quality photos every week. I think this would be a pretty great way to use that time… …the hike in… …the hut… …snowshoe hike, just for fun… …slow, powdery snowboarding… …extreme sledding… …the hike out… In short, it was fan-freaking-awesome-tastic! The weather was fantastic, … [Click Here For the Full Story]

ApexEx Avalanche Training–Day 2

And…over a week after posting about Day 1 of avalanche training I’m finally getting into Day 2 of our training. Better late than never, right?! This is one of those posts that I need to sit down and write – without Burn Notice sucking up our Netflix bandwith in the background. When we got home after Day 1 we had just enough energy to nom down our Little Caesar’s pizza and fall into bed. Turns out snowshoeing and digging 6 foot deep pits in the snow is a lot of work. Day 2 started out early again with a two hour drive north into Rocky  Mountain National Park – more specifically the Hidden Valley Trailhead. While Day 1 was all about preventing avalanches Day 2 was focusing on how to survive one if you aren’t so lucky. We finally got … [Click Here For the Full Story]