Odds + Ends {hike, bake, run, bike, swim}

Saturday’s Workout Wanda: A 1 mile run around the neighborhood in 8:26.Sunday’s Workout Wanda: A 2.5 mile run looping about in 22:26, pace of 8:58.Monday’s Workout Wanda: A 1 mile run in 9:52 + 7 mile bike in 30:07 + 150m-ish swim + 5/10/15/20 workout variation from Lee’s post. It was freaking hot out! Welcome to Monday. In my little world it is Tuesday and although this a normal week for me I still get confused every single week. Yesterday I was surprised to see Hobby Lobby closed. Um, Hobby Lobby is closed every Sunday. Duh. So rather than get all crafty I had to stick with baking cookies. Oh shucks! But forget about the boring or busy or fun filled week ahead of you, let me take a quick minute to reveal in the glory of my weekend. Well, … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Family Time + Fargo Goals

Wednesday’s Workout Wanda: Uh, traveling?! So basically a rest day!Thursday’s Workout Wanda: A 4.1 mile run with bike-a-long mom in 40:01, pace of 9:45. I am officially back in Wisconsin and this time around I’m not sick and half dead. At least not yet, I’m saving all of those death thoughts until I get to North Dakota! Which, by the way, I am still in denial about the marathon. Yup, still haven’t wrapped my mind around the fact I have 26.2 miles to run. To keep that denial looking rolling here are some photos from my day… Today was the day of baking cookies. Lots of cookies. It all started with a trip to my favorite grocery store ever – Festival Foods – and ended with heaping piles of chocolate chip, meringue and oatmeal cookies along with some s’mores bars! … [Click Here For the Full Story]

A half marathon?! Sure…why not?!

Workout Wanda: A 3 mile run with Chris biking along…still slow but I didn’t want to cut my legs off at any point, I consider that an achievement. I’m going to apologize in advance…actually, nevermind. No apologies. This is going to be a random post and I take back the almost apology because my life is pretty random in general and what I life is what you get. {luck you…} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies really are as good as they look. Like most everyone out there I have seen the photos of the Oreo surrounded by a gooey chocolate chip cookie. The other day when I wandered through the snack aisle I grabbed a package of Oreos with the intention of creating these cookies. Boom. I totally did it. I used my go to chocolate chip cookie … [Click Here For the Full Story]

I’m back “in like” with my bike!

Workout Wanda: A 4.4 mile bout of mountain biking with Chris…and I didn’t die! My day started early and with homemade peaches and cream scones! Oh.my.goodness! These scones were delicious! I am shocked that I actually made these, they turned out so darn good. They were light and fluffy and just plain amazing. Definitely better with butter, but better none the less. After a few hours of laying around Chris and I made the ultimate decision to risk the heat. We ended up at the Elk Meadow Open Space and did a 4.4 mile loop. We also learned that dog poo can be toxic… Would this be inappropriate to put on a popsicle stick and place by our patio for the horrible down owner who can’t walk 30 feet to get the poop bag!? I think it would be a … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Monday Meal Planning

Well, we have been all moved into our new place for about two weeks now and it is about time I get back on track with the meal planning. Last week we blew a whole bundle of money on grocery shopping and with no game plan. Today I decided to change things up and start out with a plan! Three Main Dishes: Chicken Tacos Benison Burgers Brats on the Grill Two Side Dishes: Roasted Baby Red Potatoes Coconut Curry Sweet Potato Fries One Extra: Peaches & Cream Scones And yes, brats count as meal planning. What you don’t see on this list is cold cut sandwiches and tuna sandwiches…or the mac and cheese from a box. I only post the semi-cool stuff, not the cheap-o not-so-healthy foods that we eat in the middle! Sorry…no photos for this post since there … [Click Here For the Full Story]