Birthday Trail Run

Last week I convinced Paula that a 27 mile birthday run on the Colorado Trail was a good idea! I’m pretty sure she occasionally regretted her decision to join me but the trails were gorgeous, the weather was perfect and we got more downhill than uphill! She even told me a time or two that she didn’t hate me! I’m taking that as a sign of a successful trail run! We met up well before the sun crept over the horizon, left a car at the base of Waterton Canyon then headed up to Buffalo Creek. Chris was kind enough to be our chauffeur and dropped us off at the Little Shaggy/FS 550 Trailhead at 7:15am. We were both fighting annoying, snot-filled head colds so we were all kinds of excited when Chris offered to meet us at the middle … [Click Here For the Full Story]

A Quarter of a Century…!

Workout Wanda: So far a 3.1 mile run at a 9:23 pace and the majority of NROLFW 1.B.8, I still need to do the dumb lunges. I hate lunges… ~~~~~~~~~~ I did not want to run this morning. The first mile was fine but after that I had so much stuff swimming around in my tiny brain that I just wanted to talk to someone. I felt like talking…and talking…and talking. Oooh, Chris is going to be so excited about this when he gets home! And about half way through my run I realized that today is Wednesday and I need to get my lift on. Yuck. I’m not the world’s biggest fan of lifting and I prefer to get it done in the early morning – which didn’t happen today because I forgot today was Wednesday. Not only did … [Click Here For the Full Story]