Hurts so…good?

If you haven’t noticed by my complete lack of running posts…my running has been suffering. I blame the darkness of winter and a work schedule that can’t stay the same two days in a row. Oh, and maybe I’m being a little bit lazy too. Maybe. But its probably the silly sun and this late rising, early setting thing it has going on! With the dark, chilly mornings and the outbreak of crazies in Colorado its incredibly difficult for me to get up early in the morning – especially if the only running I can safely do is on a treadmill. So I haven’t been getting up early. I’ve been sleeping in. And on top of this giving me an excuse to skip workouts its also making me feel rather useless in the morning. Not cool. Luckily I’ve found myself … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Underwear Run + Sweaty Red Rocks

Monday’s Workout Wanda: Rest day…between boot camp, hiking + running my body wanted the day off!Tuesday’s Workout Wanda: A slow 1.25 mile run around the neighborhood. It might be Tuesday but I am still dwelling on the weekend. Heck, I’m still stuck on Friday night. After our trek around the mountains we booked it back into Denver, reapplied deodorant, changed shoes and headed out for the Underwearness 5K at City Park. Amy and I met up with a whole slew of bloggers…and some how no one has a photo? We are just amazing like that. I swear I stood still and tried to look normal for at least one photo but I have no idea who took it or where it is…so you’ll have to be happy with the one photo I do have – Amy and I being super … [Click Here For the Full Story]