Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again…it has been an amazing year for racing over here in the Land of Heidi. Even thought my training has not been rigorous by any means my body has been rocking at life and my mind is in the game! This past weekend was no different. Short Version: My legs loved me this weekend and completely shocked me with 1:53:32 finish at the Georgetown to Idaho Springs half marathon! That’s an average pace of 8:39. That is not normal for me…but maybe is going to become the norm? I had fun racing, never hated myself or running and my fastest mile was my last mile. Long Version: The Georgetown Half Marathon more than sold out earlier this year when there was a huge sale on entries. When someone offers … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Sand Creek 10K …so darn close

I had high hopes for the Sand Creek half marathon when I signed up for it. I’m not sure why, at that time it was starting at 8:30am in July – that is a recipe for heat stroke. They got smart and moved the race time for a 7am start…much better but still freaking hot since it has been hitting high 80’s by 9am. All my hope went out the window when my back decided to rebel against my home office set up. After two days of diligently working at my desk I woke up to an aching back. No stabbing, no throbbing, no severe pain but no break from the ache either. It didn’t matter if I walked, sat, stood or laid on the ground – the pain was relentless. There would be no half marathon. Maybe I’d run … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Speed {+Agility} Work at BRC

At exactly 5:48pm this afternoon I shoveled the last spoonful of Marshmallow Matey’s {the funemployed girls Lucky Charms…with twice as many marshmallows!} into my mouth, jumped from the couch and grabbed whatever run clothes I could find. I was going running and I only had 12 minutes to get my act together! Earlier in the day I’d talked myself out of Wednesday’s group work – I ran this morning and had a race on Thursday morning. Plus it was hot out and the couch was comfy. Then I remembered we were demoing Adidas shoes at Boulder Running Company tonight so out the door I went! …my motivators of the run……breakfast at 5:30pm & Adidas ADIOS – world record breaking shoes…. The closer I got to BRC the crazier the traffic got. Not normal at all…maybe there was an accident?! When … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Thank you! {#BostonStrong}

I had high hopes for the weather today…it was a gorgeous weekend, why would that change on Monday? Well, it would change because it is Colorado and after spending an entire winter begging for snow we are now getting it. In the few hours between 10am and 6pm the weather changed from 57 and sunny to 23 and snowing. Sounds like a great night for a group run, right? …this was at 5:30pm, add about 3 more inches as of 11pm… Thankfully Denver is full of crazies who won’t let a little snow and wind stop them! We had a great turnout at Boulder Running Company for the #BostonStrong run – far more than I expected, even with the FB RSVP’s! Thank you to everyone who came out! It felt amazing to having so many “strangers” come together to show … [Click Here For the Full Story]

#BostonStrong Denver

I have been writing this post for a few hours – in my head, on paper and finally in Live Writer. I can’t get my words to say what I need them to. I’m angry. Irrationally so. Its kind of scary. With every other US tragedy I’ve just naturally detached myself from the entire situation. I couldn’t tell you anything about my thoughts/feelings in the days after the Twin Towers went down, I don’t know where I was when I heard about the Virginia Tech shooting, I have no idea how I heard about the Aurora theatre shooting and I couldn’t tell you what I was feeling when I read about the CT school shooting. Its not that I don’t care – I really do care. I just acknowledge it, talk about it a bit, conclude that some people just … [Click Here For the Full Story]