The Reality {2013 Colorado Flood}

On Monday we made the drive up to Rocky Mountain National Park for the first time in months. Our last trip up was in July when we hiked from the Chapin Trailhead. Since then wildfires and flooding kept us out of the park. We had plenty of other areas to explore so we didn’t think much of it…until Monday. We headed north to Boulder and I whined as we sat in traffic – don’t drive toward Boulder at 8am, you’ll regret it. I’ve been to Boulder multiple times since the floodwaters came through two months ago but haven’t seen much of the true damage – it was no different this time through. We stuck to the main roads and had no reminder of the floods until we saw the sign that said “Highway 7 closed to Estes Park”. We were … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Hiking with Friends…and Sunscreen!

One Thursday morning I picked my friend, Amy, up at the airport. We went directly from the airport to Boulder for some hiking. Nothing like adjusting to the altitude by starting out your first day with a hike up Mt Sanitas! We met up with Lauren and started our hike. I’d been smart that morning and lathered on some sunscreen before leaving for my early AM run…but only because I’ve made some big sunscreen mistakes in the past week or so. I didn’t forget the sunscreen, I just forgot a few patches of skin. So, if you are outside don’t forget to put sunscreen… …under the tip of your nose, especially if you are going to hike over snow that will reflect sun back under your nose, otherwise you’ll have a little burnt nose tip and that hurts. …on the … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Marathon Monday–Wk 16: Active Tapering

Saturday’s Workout Wanda: AM Bootcamp + 4ish mile hike with 1,125ft gain!Sunday’s Workout Wanda: AM Bootcamp…more than enough!Monday’s Workout Wanda: 10 minutes ellipticalling + 10 minutes biking + stretching Let’s just say I am really glad I shoved my 11 mile run into Friday morning or it would not have happened…there was a lot going on and running was not one of those things. Instead I tried out a bootcamp for the first time ever, hiked up to the Royal Arch in Boulder, came back for a second bootcamp and stuffed my face. Oh, and I hung out with a bunch of bloggers! {photo credit: Ashley McLaughlin, kidnapped from: Janetha} It was a long weekend. A long, fun weekend where I got to meet a ton of new people. And not just any people…blogger people, people who write about life … [Click Here For the Full Story]