Speed {+Agility} Work at BRC

At exactly 5:48pm this afternoon I shoveled the last spoonful of Marshmallow Matey’s {the funemployed girls Lucky Charms…with twice as many marshmallows!} into my mouth, jumped from the couch and grabbed whatever run clothes I could find. I was going running and I only had 12 minutes to get my act together! Earlier in the day I’d talked myself out of Wednesday’s group work – I ran this morning and had a race on Thursday morning. Plus it was hot out and the couch was comfy. Then I remembered we were demoing Adidas shoes at Boulder Running Company tonight so out the door I went! …my motivators of the run……breakfast at 5:30pm & Adidas ADIOS – world record breaking shoes…. The closer I got to BRC the crazier the traffic got. Not normal at all…maybe there was an accident?! When … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Things are a changin’

I have news. Last Saturday I made myself incredibly proud. I set my alarm for 6am and I got my butt up, in running clothes and out the door in time to be early for the 7:30am BRC run group! Considering how many Saturday’s I’ve just turned my alarm off and gone back to bed that is basically a miracle. Well, technically babies are bigger miracles…babies like this big boy… Meet Reid Gary, my very first nephew! I’ve officially recieved interwebz posting rights from the proud papa so of course I couldn’t resist! Please notice just how stretched out that infant beanie is, he is a big ‘un! That boy is definitely my brother’s son! And I think its safe to say that their lives are a changin’… Now, back to me…because I’m needy and ego centric like that. Until … [Click Here For the Full Story]