Christmas Carol 5K {PR!}

I usually don’t talk about time goals on the internet. I never talk smack about my time goals on the internet. Except this one time. I got a little cocky on Twitter and Facebook about my plans for the Christmas Carol 5K that went down Saturday morning. I will never do this again. Some call the little voice in the back of your head saying “how will I spin an excuse for not being fast enough” motivation. Not me. I hated that voice. It did not make me want to run faster. It made me want to punch geese. Not that punching geese would have been the worst thing ever, there were oodles of geese milling around City Park! Once again I committed to this race at the last minute – last Tuesday night. I figure if I don’t have … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Sand Creek 10K …so darn close

I had high hopes for the Sand Creek half marathon when I signed up for it. I’m not sure why, at that time it was starting at 8:30am in July – that is a recipe for heat stroke. They got smart and moved the race time for a 7am start…much better but still freaking hot since it has been hitting high 80’s by 9am. All my hope went out the window when my back decided to rebel against my home office set up. After two days of diligently working at my desk I woke up to an aching back. No stabbing, no throbbing, no severe pain but no break from the ache either. It didn’t matter if I walked, sat, stood or laid on the ground – the pain was relentless. There would be no half marathon. Maybe I’d run … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Liberty Run 4 Miler …my poor legs!

On Tuesday morning I found out there were team bibs available for the Liberty Run at Washington Park, a four mile race on July 4th. By Tuesday night I successfully talked myself into the race. Come Thursday morning I was regretting my decision. Ninety percent of the population had the day off and were sleeping in. I was getting up to an alarm and heading out into Colorado “humidity” to run a 4 mile race. I was a little jealous of everyone still sleeping – including Chris and Fred who had taken over the entire bed before I even left the house. Walking down the stairs to get from the apartment to the car made me regret my decision even more – my legs were exhausted! I’ve been trying to incorporate my strength training into my life and DOMS has … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Speed {+Agility} Work at BRC

At exactly 5:48pm this afternoon I shoveled the last spoonful of Marshmallow Matey’s {the funemployed girls Lucky Charms…with twice as many marshmallows!} into my mouth, jumped from the couch and grabbed whatever run clothes I could find. I was going running and I only had 12 minutes to get my act together! Earlier in the day I’d talked myself out of Wednesday’s group work – I ran this morning and had a race on Thursday morning. Plus it was hot out and the couch was comfy. Then I remembered we were demoing Adidas shoes at Boulder Running Company tonight so out the door I went! …my motivators of the run……breakfast at 5:30pm & Adidas ADIOS – world record breaking shoes…. The closer I got to BRC the crazier the traffic got. Not normal at all…maybe there was an accident?! When … [Click Here For the Full Story]


I’ve been missing out on the Boulder Running Company runs lately…this fancy time suck called work keeps getting in the way. Not tonight. Tonight I was running. There won’t be a run next week because everyone will be out trick-or-treating so tonight was Halloween night – I am not one to turn down the chance to dig out the neon pink leggings… What I was not prepared for was the rain. Cold, relentless, windy rain. It kind of sucked. It was actually pretty miserable. I should have been smart about it and snagged a Brooks running vest. Apparently they kept everyone nice and dry, at least on the core…that would have been nice. As you can tell my shirt got soaked! But the good news is that eventually that rain turned into snow. Big, fluffy snowflake snow… Yes, I did … [Click Here For the Full Story]