Little babies!

Monday’s Workout Wanda: A short 1.25 mile run in 12:32, pace of 10:03.Tuesday’s Workout Wanda: Another short 1.6 mile run in 14:20, pace of 9:33.Wednesday’s Workout Wanda: Group run + speed{ish} work for 3.25 miles total. There has still been lots of running going on. Lots of running, not lots of miles. And lots of ice, compression and foam rolling! But all is going well, running and I are still madly in love. I’ve also found a new little park to walk around in on my lunch breaks. Well, my lunch breaks when I have the energy, usually anger fueled energy. More importantly the new found park comes with little babies! And when I say that it sounds a lot like “lil BAYbees!” in an obnoxious childish squeak. I randomly discovered this park on Monday and came bouncing back into … [Click Here For the Full Story]