Hey Fatty!

Sunday’s Workout Wanda: A 4 mile run, just for fun with an avg pace of 9:35.Monday’s Workout Wanda: A 2.1 mile run in 18:11, pace of 8:39 + upper body lifting I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day…I spent mine at work. Although I did wear red, white and blue, so it wasn’t all bad, except that my “red” was really maroon corduroy capris. I’m a freaking fashionista! And we had BBQ chicken on the grill for supper so I guess that counts as celebrating the coming of summer too. On a slightly more solemn note – head over to The Pioneer Woman and leave a comment on her post saying “thank you” to everyone who has served for our country, for every comment left during Memorial Day she will donate $1 to Operation Homefront. Do it. Now. … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Breck & Coors

Workout Wanda…is still hacking up a lung. Ridiculous, I know! I have no fallen off the face of the earth…I’m still around! Heck, I’ve been so busy with life I honestly have not had the time or desire to write about it at the end of the day. However, I do have some photos burning a hole in my camera so I’ll share real quick! On Thursday we headed up to Breckenridge with Ethan {brother-in-law} and Kelley {Ethan’s girlfriend} for a chance at some real mountain boarding. They have both spent years on boards/skis but they were still contemplating our murder when we accidently took them down a sketchy black diamond for their first run. Oops. They survived by walking their way down the sketchy part and only kind of hating us. Before long we were playing around on blue … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Hike a…board?!

Wednesday’s Workout Wanda: Rest day, totally skipped out on my group run!Thursday’s Workout Wanda: Snowboarding & hiking at Breckenridge, about 2 hours. Initially we were going to make a trip up to Vail for some boarding in the back bowls – I even scoped out all the parking information. Instead we slept in, dilly dallied and left far to late to make the trip to Vail worth it. Breckenridge would have to do… taking on the t-bar Our destination was the top bowls of Breck by way of the Imperial Lift. Unfortunately not a whole lot was open up top so we got to do a lot of hiking about. On the way up Chris spotted some barely touched slopes at the top of Peak 7 so off we went. We hiked from Peak 8 over to Peak 7. Technically … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Quivering Quads

Thursday’s & Friday’s Workout Wanda: Lots of cross training by way of snowboarding! Yesterday we headed up to the mountains with a few of the guys I work with…one of which was about to strap himself onto a snowboard for the first time ever! He was borrowing gear, which would explain the sweet pin stripe body suit from the 70’s and the duct tape delicately wrapped about one boot! I was even kind enough to photograph his first run… I do have to give him a ton of credit…he just got up and went! And he did not give up! We spent almost 5 hours on the mountain and he just kept strapping that board back on! That is much more commitment that I put into my first time on a board, trust me! A few times the not-so-newbies headed … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Finally! A Powder Day at Breck!

Workout Wanda: Three hours of frolicking in the snow…powdery snow! Yesterday it was 60 degrees in Denver. Today the mountains had a powder day. Tomorrow Denver is expecting a sunny day in the high 50’s. Oh how I love thee Colorado weather! This morning when we left Denver it was about 45* but on our drive into the mountains we could see the snow coming down off in the distance. Considering the luck we’ve been having we figured Breckenridge would get an inch or so, but no more. Lets just say we were wrong. In the past 48 hours Breck has gotten over 8 inches of snow and I don’t think that counts what fluttered down today. A day of powder has finally arrived! Breck’s FB page suggests they are expecting over a foot in the next 48 hours which … [Click Here For the Full Story]