Monterey & Whale Watching

No, we did not run off the Pacific Ocean on a whim this weekend…I am just now getting around to posting photos from our trip to California that went down almost a month ago. Wow. I’m a little behind. But they are ocean photos rather than mountain photos so I don’t quite feel like I’m over sharing! Visiting the Pacific Ocean was not originally in our plans when heading west. We had talked about it, but wrote it off when considering how many hours we would already be spending in the car. Then the boys found a brochure on whale watching. For the next three days we talked about driving out to the ocean. Sometimes it was just to see the ocean, some times we were going on long boat rides and sometimes we were going to Lake Tahoe and … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Yosemite National Park {Waterfalls + Granite}

The primary purpose of our road trip to California was Sequoia National Park but a trip to Yosemite was a close second. Aside from hearing a lot of people rave about Yosemite I  didn’t know anything about the park. Most national parks have fairly descriptive names. For example, Rocky Mountain National Park is known for its towering mountains, Arches National Park has the red arched rock formations, Sequoia National Park has massive trees, etc. What does the name Yosemite tell you about the park? Not much. Turns out the park is known for its waterfalls and massive granite rocks, not so much for the “those who kill” translation of’meti, the Miwok tribe that the park is named after. Day 1: Luken’s Lake & Glacier Point I wasn’t sure what to expect from Yosemite. I’d done the research and planning … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Sequoia National Park–So Big, So Tall

The entire idea of this massive road trip was started by an article about Sequoia National Park that Stacy found in National Geographic so making it our first stop felt right. Getting up early for the drive to the park wasn’t even all that difficult when you had gigantic, ancient trees waiting for you! We had the cameras charged, the windows opened and our peepers peeled for bear sightings before we even got into the park. Stacy had researched her little heart out so she knew exactly what where we needed to go which was great! We did stop by the Visitors Center to check on trail conditions and general park news, but aside for an unwanted but required shuttle ride we had come adequately prepared! …waiting for the shuttle & at the top of Moro Rock… Our first stop … [Click Here For the Full Story]

We Made It…

Well, we’ve made it home! For a short bit we are done exploring and more than happy to sit on our couch, sleep in our own bed and wash our hands in a fully stocked bathroom with hot water! Ah, the simple pleasures of life! We have a few more days with friends in town, so until I get around to actually writing here are more photos… The Waterfalls of YosemiteBridalveil Falls, Lower Yosemite Falls & Vernal Falls The Pacific Ocean & Whale Watching Lake Tahoe Utah’s Salt Flats The best part of road tripping is the freedom you have to spontaneously change your plans. Like adding on the drive to the ocean and whale watching. Oh, and if there happen to be gusting winds and random raindrops at your scheduled campsite you can make a collective decision to just … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Out Exploring

We have run away from home again…this time for some serious road tripping. In the next week we will finish up over 50 hours of driving. That is a lot of “bonding” in a car, but we are doing it for all the right reasons… Sequoia National Park Yosemite National Park So far we have had a great week…with a lot more to come! This is just a quick sneak peek of the gajillion photos we have taken and these photos will never do it justice! That being said, Chris’s phone does a great job of trying! … [Click Here For the Full Story]