Go Get Muddy!


If you’ve had a rough day and need a little break from your own brain I’ve discovered the solution…go get muddy! Yes! Muddy! Stop pouting, pull on your big girl running shorts, lace up those shoes and get your tookus outside! If you’re a runner leave the GPS behind. If you’re a photographer leave the fancy camera behind. If you’re a hiker leave the pack behind. Just leave it all on the kitchen table or in the passenger seat of your car and let your inner child play for a bit. Seriously, it works! My Tuesday is proof! I had a long day, which is ironic because I left work at 2pm…but the rest of my day dragged on with ridiculous traffic, less than stellar news from the eye doctor, crowded trails and cancelled plans. Needless to say, by 7pm I was frustrated and grumpy. Really frustrated. Like, frustrated enough for a full-blown teary melt down because I left my water bottle lid loose and it leaked onto my car seat. Yea…it’s okay, you can judge me, I was judging … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Snowy Bribery


I’ve decided I like being one of those weird people who enjoy running in the snow. Sometimes it’s more like “running” but, who cares, snow is fun! If you throw on the right layers you will not freeze to death and gaiters were invented for haphazard veering into snow banks, right?! I fully understand that not everyone feels this way about the snow but it sure is fun to drag snow/cold haters out onto the wintry trails and see them at least sort of have a good time! That’s exactly what I did with half of my weekend…forced friends into playing in the snow! Because it’s more fun when you have someone else out there “suffering” with you, right?! I’ve never been one to hate on mountain bikers on the trails and after Saturday morning’s run I won’t be complaining any time soon – they did a fantastic job of tracking out the trails for us! No gaiters or traction required in Fort Collins! My first victim of the day was Sarah – she needed a 5 mile run for … [Click Here For the Full Story]

When Running Isn’t Easy


When we sign up for races, no matter the distance, we think about the good things – the finish line pictures, the free beer/food/swag, the fun we have eating all the food while training, the time we spend with friends on the trails, the badassary confidence boost after nailing it on track day, the exhausted elation that comes after your final run of peak week training…the good stuff, the warm fuzzies, the happy smiles. What we choose to ignore are the sucky parts. The alarm repeatedly going off before the sun reaches the horizon, the frigid/scorching training runs that flat-out suck, the heavy legs after a long run, the ravishing hunger that refuses to be satisfied, the achy muscles that remind us how out of shape we are, the runs that drag on forever and ever and ever, the stomach issues that pop up at the most inopportune time…all the crappy things that would immediately talk us out of ever racing again if they stuck around long enough to be considered. Running isn’t always easy. Hell, it’s rarely easy peasy, … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Winter is here!


Well, winter finally showed up in Colorado. We had far more weeks of 65+ degree weather than we should in October/November but that all changed yesterday! On Monday I showed up at the office in Fort Collins at 8am…it was 62 degrees and sunny. By 10:15am it was 28 degrees and snowing sideways. Welcome to Colorado where the weather cannot make up it’s mind! The change in weather in Boulder from the CU campus…all photos were taken within a 4 hour time span by Chris Nie. By the time I left the office yesterday it was cold but dry. Seriously. There was but a tiny dusting of snow on my car! I was all sorts of bummed about the lack of snow. Until I flipped through my Twitter feed. Denver got a fair bit of snow…during the hours that everyone is attempting to drive home. I’m a terrible person as I giggled at many of the rants posted online. Hello first snow of the season…the one day each year when multiple silly accidents on main highways are mandatory! I guess … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Chasing Fall Colors


Guess what?! Fall is here! The mornings are cold, the afternoons are toasty and the trees are getting yellow. Oh, the beauty of fall. Of course, the spiders are moving INTO my room and the tree out front is dropping it’s annoying pods all over the yard…but I’m going to go ahead and focus on the good parts of fall. Like how it’s time for the boots + leggings + scarf outfits to become a staple in my life! Fall is the one time I really miss Wisconsin. In Wisconsin the fall colors are stunning – from red, to yellow, to orange, to purple, to… The rolling hills are covered in colorful trees. I’d walk through frost tipped grass in the morning and be stripped down to a tank top come afternoon. The bugs were finally gone and even the midday heat was bearable without humidity. And as a farm girl most of my fall memories revolve around moving calves/cows to their winter homes, winterizing the water troughs and claiming the “good” blaze orange layers before hunting season comes around. … [Click Here For the Full Story]