Drop Your Drawers 5K {PR!}

Short Story I ran a 5K on Friday evening with Lynne and Amy. I wanted to actually race it but wasn’t convinced I’d be happy with my time…I sucked it up and tried to run fast. I did run fast. Too fast in the first mile, as per usual. That made mile 2 and 3 feel horrible, also to be expected. But I survived and I PR’ed! Again! We celebrated by staring at zoo animals. It was a good night. Long Story As you may have guessed about my “Hiking with Friends…and Sunscreen” post my friend – Amy – is in town visiting. No one is allowed to have a nice, relaxing vacation when they visit us. We plan all sorts of stuff and make them get outside. We hiked and trail ran on Thursday but that wasn’t enough. On … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Hiking with Friends…and Sunscreen!

One Thursday morning I picked my friend, Amy, up at the airport. We went directly from the airport to Boulder for some hiking. Nothing like adjusting to the altitude by starting out your first day with a hike up Mt Sanitas! We met up with Lauren and started our hike. I’d been smart that morning and lathered on some sunscreen before leaving for my early AM run…but only because I’ve made some big sunscreen mistakes in the past week or so. I didn’t forget the sunscreen, I just forgot a few patches of skin. So, if you are outside don’t forget to put sunscreen… …under the tip of your nose, especially if you are going to hike over snow that will reflect sun back under your nose, otherwise you’ll have a little burnt nose tip and that hurts. …on the … [Click Here For the Full Story]

The Highest Peak in CO {Mt Elbert}

We got lucky this weekend – we got to escape into the mountains for camping and hiking. We had plans with friends to camp near Twin Lakes and hike Mt Elbert…the highest mountain in Colorado. Chris still had to work on Saturday so our weekend didn’t start until we packed everything into the car at 2am and started our drive toward Leadville. The drive was actually really peaceful. There are very few people on the road at that hour of the night and the moon was huge and so bright! Driving without headlights was actually possible…for about 30 seconds at a time… We arrived at the campsite at 4am and took the term “car camping” very seriously as we did our best to catch some sleep in the car before the group got up to start our hike at 6am. … [Click Here For the Full Story]

It’s a long weekend…

It seems about right that I would go to a blogger retreat, write two posts than forget I even have a blog. I make sense like that. Life has been busy…but not exactly exciting. Well, kind of exciting, just not blog-worthy, photo-filled exciting. I got home from BLEND on Sunday, picked Chris’s brother, Ethan, up from the airport on Monday, escaped to the mountains on Tuesday, waved good-bye to Ethan and caught up on work stuff Wednesday, spent at least 10 hours working at Panera on Thursday, paid a little attention to the house and packing on Friday and played more work catch up today. And now it’s officially the weekend – a long weekend! I am caught up with my random work just enough to justify leaving it all behind once again…this time for some quiet time in the … [Click Here For the Full Story]

24 hours later…

A lot can change in a few hours – especially if it involves the weather of Colorado! Last week we went from 60 degrees at 10am to snow at 6pm. Seriously, run group people were talking about running in shorts that morning while wearing three layers for the PM group run. Colorado cannot make up its mind! Last night very few of us showed up for the Wednesday night group run. By very few I mean two. Probably because it was a snowy mess outside… …7pm Wednesday Night……also exactly what it looked like at 6am Thursday Morning… We ended up with about 6 inches of snow on the ground and cars – the roads were just a wet mess. But this is Colorado so this morning it didn’t feel weird to pack shorts for this evening’s run. Shorts were a … [Click Here For the Full Story]