Running Lately

There has been a fair amount of running in my life lately. The fun kind where you just go out and enjoy life in your running shoes. Without even trying too hard there has been a solid mix of trails, hills, speed work, distance and racing. Without going into too much boring detail here is a quick recap of the runs that have gone down in the past week or so… Boulder Running Company Speed Work Hill Repeats with Boulder Running Company’s Wednesday Night Group Run Almost every week I manage to show up at the Boulder Running Company for a special form of torture – group speed work. It’s a workout I love to hate. It usually hurts quite a bit while I’m fighting through the workouts but the results have been very obvious in my races this year … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Out Exploring…

And boom…I’m officially finished with my first semester of college. Technically it was my ninth semester, but really, who is counting. I’m done. For a month. Then back I go for one last semester before I get another piece of paper that says I’m super smart. But all that school stuff is boring. Instead lets take a quick peek at what we have been up to… …more trail exploring with Chris along Dakota Ridge… …mountain biking around Bear Creek Lake Park… …sweating in the sun and frolicking in the snow on the same run at Winters/Mathews Park… There you have it, our week of exploring outside. We had a few cold, snowy days that had us wimping out and sticking to the gym. But the weather is now back to being awesome. I freaking love Colorado! Tomorrow we are headed … [Click Here For the Full Story]

A new running game!

We have invented a new running game. And by “we” I mean Chris. Yes, Chris. As in the guy who doesn’t even believe in the act of running. Let me start from the beginning… Last month I won a pair of ASICS from the Road Runner Sports Adventure Run. On Friday I talked Chris into heading north with me to pick out my new shoes. I hate shoe shopping, especially when it comes to new running shoes. It stresses me out. I tried on every single neutral shoe in the store but nothing wow’ed me. My feet didn’t truly love a single pair. There was one that may have worked but with my freebie shoes there could be no exchanges. I freaked out a little bit. Then I talked Chris into trying on some trail running shoes. You know, for … [Click Here For the Full Story]

A Rocky Ride

There is a bit of a competition going on between Chris and my mom. Somehow a conversation about biking led to a competition to see who could hit the highest miles between March 15th and October 15th. My role is to be the “Who Can Bike Further” competition commissioner but somehow I’ve gotten roped into covering miles with Chris. We’ve spent a lot of time at Bear Creek already this year so on Friday we decided to go out to see if we could get onto some of the trails we had seen people on while driving up into the mountains. We found a few parking lots, scoped out the area, noticed “no bikes” signs and moved out until we came to the Stegosaurus Lot just past Morrison. The route we stumbled upon started out uphill and rolled its way … [Click Here For the Full Story]