Christmas Carol 5K {PR!}

I usually don’t talk about time goals on the internet. I never talk smack about my time goals on the internet. Except this one time. I got a little cocky on Twitter and Facebook about my plans for the Christmas Carol 5K that went down Saturday morning. I will never do this again. Some call the little voice in the back of your head saying “how will I spin an excuse for not being fast enough” motivation. Not me. I hated that voice. It did not make me want to run faster. It made me want to punch geese. Not that punching geese would have been the worst thing ever, there were oodles of geese milling around City Park! Once again I committed to this race at the last minute – last Tuesday night. I figure if I don’t have … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Pumpkin Pie 5K & 10K {hydrate…!}

I think I have gotten a little cocky with my racing. At least with what I expect from my body. My legs have been throwing down respectable distances one weekend then whipping out PR’s the next. I was getting a little too used to this and failed to give my body enough love…especially in the form of water. Going into last weekend’s races I wasn’t nervous. I knew I could cover the distance and a legit 5K PR was attainable. I was feeling a little cocky – racing has been good to me lately. The races were solid efforts that I’m proud of, my post-race Saturday was more miserable than it needed to be! Probably had something to do with running both the 5K and 10K while dehydrated… Race day started out normal and boring with a drive to City … [Click Here For the Full Story]

I’m in! Wait…how far?! {Wild West Relay}

I really like to be a good friend and help people out. Its what I do. Or at least I’m using the “I’m just that nice” excuse to justify how quickly I agreed to help out Paula when her Wild West Relay team needed a back up team mate. One of their runners is battling an injury and won’t be able to participate in the 200 mile relay race from Fort Collins to Steamboat Springs. The email chain started last week and I immediately replied “I’m in!” and then decided to follow that up with “uh, how many miles do I need to run?”. Hey, at least I had the sense to ask one important question! I also managed to check my calendar to make sure I was available. What I failed to really process was the fact that this … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Liberty Run 4 Miler …my poor legs!

On Tuesday morning I found out there were team bibs available for the Liberty Run at Washington Park, a four mile race on July 4th. By Tuesday night I successfully talked myself into the race. Come Thursday morning I was regretting my decision. Ninety percent of the population had the day off and were sleeping in. I was getting up to an alarm and heading out into Colorado “humidity” to run a 4 mile race. I was a little jealous of everyone still sleeping – including Chris and Fred who had taken over the entire bed before I even left the house. Walking down the stairs to get from the apartment to the car made me regret my decision even more – my legs were exhausted! I’ve been trying to incorporate my strength training into my life and DOMS has … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Drop Your Drawers 5K {PR!}

Short Story I ran a 5K on Friday evening with Lynne and Amy. I wanted to actually race it but wasn’t convinced I’d be happy with my time…I sucked it up and tried to run fast. I did run fast. Too fast in the first mile, as per usual. That made mile 2 and 3 feel horrible, also to be expected. But I survived and I PR’ed! Again! We celebrated by staring at zoo animals. It was a good night. Long Story As you may have guessed about my “Hiking with Friends…and Sunscreen” post my friend – Amy – is in town visiting. No one is allowed to have a nice, relaxing vacation when they visit us. We plan all sorts of stuff and make them get outside. We hiked and trail ran on Thursday but that wasn’t enough. On … [Click Here For the Full Story]