Thank you! {#BostonStrong}

I had high hopes for the weather today…it was a gorgeous weekend, why would that change on Monday? Well, it would change because it is Colorado and after spending an entire winter begging for snow we are now getting it. In the few hours between 10am and 6pm the weather changed from 57 and sunny to 23 and snowing. Sounds like a great night for a group run, right? …this was at 5:30pm, add about 3 more inches as of 11pm… Thankfully Denver is full of crazies who won’t let a little snow and wind stop them! We had a great turnout at Boulder Running Company for the #BostonStrong run – far more than I expected, even with the FB RSVP’s! Thank you to everyone who came out! It felt amazing to having so many “strangers” come together to show … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Climb On

A few weeks ago I went indoor rock climbing for the first time with Heather. I’d been climbing outside before, even took an introductory course with Apex Ex last year, but unless you count a few college team building experiences I’ve never climbed inside. I was a little nervous. For whatever reason climbing around outside seemed a lot less stressful than doing so in a building with a padded floor. Turns out I really like it. It’s definitely different from climbing outside and I’ll take scampering up legit rocks over odd-shaped hand holds screwed into a wall but I had enough fun to want to go back! Since the moment I left the parking lot and called Chris to tell him about it I’ve been on his case to give it a try. We finally got to head back to … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Going Longer… {speed work}

Well, earlier this week I was feeling all caught up with life. Things kind of changed today. I’m still set with deadlines but life is all jumbled up. My schedule got dumped on its head and I’m not exactly a fan. But in the midst of all that I still managed to make it to run group tonight, mostly for sanity! Last week they asked us how we felt about longer distance speed workouts…we should have known what was coming! Longer speed workouts… I have never done long speed workouts. Heck, before BRC I didn’t do any speed workouts. I wasn’t sure what to expect. …I’m not used to seeing sunlight at 7pm…I love the mountains… Turns out I really liked tonight’s workout! We did long intervals and on my “hard runs” I kept a pace ranging somewhere between 7:05 … [Click Here For the Full Story]

I blame the geese…

I ran 7.5 miles today…on accident! Well, maybe not on accident since I was knowingly moving my legs in a running motion but it definitely wasn’t my plan for the day. In a nutshell, I blame the damn Canadian geese that have taken up residence in Wash Park! I have been eyeballing a few races in the coming months. I haven’t committed to anything beyond a 10K but considering how ridiculously spontaneous my runs have been even looking at a long-ish distance race in the next month or two should be considered grossly irresponsible. In an effort to become a slightly more responsible running I’ve been paying a bit more attention to my runs in terms of time and distance. This week I had an internal goal of getting in a long run that lasted at least an hour. Whether … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Back to Running…

So, after a few weeks of tangent-ing off about mountain life I have kind of stopped talking about running. Surprisingly enough, I have not actually stopped running. And yes, that is surprising – usually I’m more likely to stop running and keep talking about how I should be running. Guess this is a positive flip flop! Lately my runs have been a random mix of just getting out there and running. No training plans, no specific goals…just running!The only thing missing lately has been trail running, but they have been either icy or muddy! Treadmill Running We had a few snowy days last week and that required a visit or two to the treadmill. I hate the treadmill. Hate it. Maybe if it was in my living room and I could run with six fans around me I wouldn’t despise … [Click Here For the Full Story]