Risking It – Weekend Snowboarding {Keystone}

Yesterday we decided to risk it…we made the drive up to Summit County on a Sunday. If you have ever driven into the mountains on a weekend you know exactly why we’ve been avoiding this for the past two years. Weekend traffic – combined with weekend lift lines – can be absolutely horrible! We figured an early start to the day during the early season would give us an advantage. Turns out this tactic worked out pretty darn well for us! We met Lynne at the Dino Lots at 7:15am and were parked at Keystone by 8:30am. Probably the earliest I’ve ever been in a resort parking lot! Cupcake! And the backside of Keystone…with SNOW! Turns out front row parking and perfectly groomed trails aren’t the only perk to arriving before the lifts start – Keystone was giving out cupcakes! … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Early Season Resort Boarding {Copper + WP}

While everyone in Wisconsin is basking in warm temperatures but hoping for snow Chris and I have been up in the mountains frolicking around on our snowboards. We have season passes for mountains we have never been on so we just had to head up as soon as possible to test it all out. As if we needed an excuse to go boarding as soon as the resorts opened! Our first stop was Copper Mountain. It opened the day after Chris had his wisdom teeth removed so we weren’t able to make it up for opening day but the following week we made the drive. When we left Denver it was a nice, toasty 60 degrees. Usually the temperature drops dramatically as we make our way up the mountains but not this time! When we arrived at Copper the fancy … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Early Season Back Country Boarding {Loveland Pass}

I hinted to it in an earlier post but never got around to actually telling the story…we went snowboarding, in October. This is unheard of in the far away land of Wisconsin so I feel compelled to brag about it. It was a few weeks ago when Chris’s dad was out here visiting. We decided to make the drive up to Summit County for some mountain view and outlet shopping. A-basin was open – not surprising since is it usually one of the first to open and last to close – but this year we did not have a season pass that got us into A-basin. However, we had been seeing a lot of snowy photos from the area and had hopes that Loveland Pass would be board-able. Just to be safe we packed up our layers and snowboards… The … [Click Here For the Full Story]