Exploring New Trails {Chapin TH in RMNP}

For the past few weeks Monday’s have become our day to head into the mountains to bike, hike, run and explore. Mountain Monday, if you will. This week was no different. We really wanted to revisit the trails of our first Rocky Mountain National Park hike as Colorado residents but tourist traffic + road construction in a national park = a complete cluster. Instead we drove up Old Fall River Road and did some hiking from the Chapin Trailhead. We are quickly learning that you don’t have to avoid big tourist destinations during the busy season – just get as far away from civilization as possible and you’ll forget the tourists are even there. Well, until you have to drive back to town following out-of-state drivers who ride their brakes all the way down the mountain. I get that you … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Sequoia National Park–So Big, So Tall

The entire idea of this massive road trip was started by an article about Sequoia National Park that Stacy found in National Geographic so making it our first stop felt right. Getting up early for the drive to the park wasn’t even all that difficult when you had gigantic, ancient trees waiting for you! We had the cameras charged, the windows opened and our peepers peeled for bear sightings before we even got into the park. Stacy had researched her little heart out so she knew exactly what where we needed to go which was great! We did stop by the Visitors Center to check on trail conditions and general park news, but aside for an unwanted but required shuttle ride we had come adequately prepared! …waiting for the shuttle & at the top of Moro Rock… Our first stop … [Click Here For the Full Story]

We Made It…

Well, we’ve made it home! For a short bit we are done exploring and more than happy to sit on our couch, sleep in our own bed and wash our hands in a fully stocked bathroom with hot water! Ah, the simple pleasures of life! We have a few more days with friends in town, so until I get around to actually writing here are more photos… The Waterfalls of YosemiteBridalveil Falls, Lower Yosemite Falls & Vernal Falls The Pacific Ocean & Whale Watching Lake Tahoe Utah’s Salt Flats The best part of road tripping is the freedom you have to spontaneously change your plans. Like adding on the drive to the ocean and whale watching. Oh, and if there happen to be gusting winds and random raindrops at your scheduled campsite you can make a collective decision to just … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Running Around Park City {BLEND}

Quick Version… I ran in Park City, it was awesome…here are a bundle of photos to prove it. Enjoy! Long Version… With my recent quest to get as many miles on my feet as possible I chose to bail on the Blend Retreat’s morning boot camps in favor of running. Alone. There was a group of runners headed out on Saturday morning but I failed to plan properly and ended up on my own. I enjoyed it so much I chose to do the same on Sunday morning! Saturday Morning Run in Park City – Paved It was cloudy and raining when I headed outside but it has been so long since I ran in the rain it didn’t even matter! It felt good to frolic alone the pavement in the rain. At first I tried to stay dry but … [Click Here For the Full Story]

It snowed!

It snowed. It snowed! IT SNOWED! Not very much, only a few inches. But it snowed! And I was – and am – all kinds of excited. I was in class all day Monday and on my lunch break I was outside in jeans and a t-shirt. It was warm, sunny and gorgeous. A bit like the new “typical” January day in Denver. When I left the building at 4pm I saw snow! Only about 3 snowflakes fluttering around, but snow! Still a pretty typical winter day in Denver…sun and snow! By the time I got home it was snowing. Legitimately snowing! I had to use my windshield wipers and everything. This all got a little exciting when my passenger side wiper detached itself 4 miles from home, but I survived! Stupid windshield wipers, they hate me! Chris’s car’s wipers … [Click Here For the Full Story]