A Walk in the Park

This past weekend was spent “back home” in Wisconsin. I planned the weekend for a little family time and bridesmaid dress shopping but had high hopes for Midwesterly fall colors when I realized I’d finally make it home in October. I loved my time with family and had a great time talking weddings but the trees were a tad disappointing. They were way too green for my likings! But a few green leaves were not going to keep us from wandering around in the woods! My mom and I drove down to Illinois for a quick visit with my cousins. The weather held off so we ventured out to a nearby state park in search of fall colors. We didn’t find much orange or red but forest was still quite lively. One of the few things I truly miss about … [Click Here For the Full Story]

I miss fall…

I think I missed out on fall. Where did fall go? Where were all the bright orange, deep red and strikingly yellow trees? What happened to the rustling leaves, the yards heaped with racked leaves and the smell of burning leaves? Turns out none of that really happens here in Colorado. I didn’t miss out on fall…I am just missing my Wisconsin version of fall! We do get color here in Colorado, but it is mostly yellow from the aspens. I am yet to see a yard with leaves heaped into a pile – they are almost immediately bagged up to avoid the gusting winds. And burning leaves?! Maybe its because I’m in town but I’m pretty sure that is avoided because, quite frankly, our state needs no help catching its forests on fire! In my little midwestern head this … [Click Here For the Full Story]