A Walk in the Park

This past weekend was spent “back home” in Wisconsin. I planned the weekend for a little family time and bridesmaid dress shopping but had high hopes for Midwesterly fall colors when I realized I’d finally make it home in October. I loved my time with family and had a great time talking weddings but the trees were a tad disappointing. They were way too green for my likings! But a few green leaves were not going to keep us from wandering around in the woods! My mom and I drove down to Illinois for a quick visit with my cousins. The weather held off so we ventured out to a nearby state park in search of fall colors. We didn’t find much orange or red but forest was still quite lively. One of the few things I truly miss about … [Click Here For the Full Story]

A Long Weekend in Wisconsin

We spent the last few days in Wisconsin. I’d like to pretend this is a “Wordless Wednesday” post but we have very few photos. Turns out its not a good idea to depend upon our phone for photos when your in the middle of nowhere and the battery is immediately drained while “searching for service”. Instead I present to you “Slightly Fewer Words Than Usual Wednesday”… Seen on my run in Small Town, WI + the single track we went mountain biking on. I was dreading the humidity that Wisconsin usually has in store for us during our summer trips so I packed the lightest running gear I owned. Instead of sweating to death on my long run I had to borrow gloves and layer on a cotton t-shirt to stay warm. Yes, you read that right. It was actually … [Click Here For the Full Story]

MidWesterly Time…

Its Monday and we still have a few more days of Wisconsin time but I’ve managed to steal Chris’s phone {I miss my phone…} enough time to get a few fun photos so I’m here to share. Plus, Time moves a bit differently here, especially when you are too lazy to change your watch and get to sleep in every day! Wedding Time… I get so excited when people I love get married. I like being married and it makes me happy to think other people get to have as much fun being married as I do. Heck, even Chris looks like he is happy about it! Critter Time… It isn’t a trip back home if we don’t get a little critter time in. I spent the first 18 years of my life on a dairy farm so I like … [Click Here For the Full Story]

I quit…sorta.


Welcome to 2013. I managed to stay awake until 12:10am and then I was out, cold. Then I spent my morning lazing around on the couch until I had to get my act together and head to work. My last day of work. Technically. Two months ago I put my notice in at work. Today was my last day…as an assistant manager. I’ll be back tomorrow…with a smaller title, few hours, new duties and less money. But hopefully I’ll end up with a little more time. Time to study, time to completely immerse myself in the complex world of coding, time to be me, time to be a wife, time to run. Just time. Obviously this was all a long time coming. I didn’t actually hate my job or what I did, but it made me extremely miserable. I spent … [Click Here For the Full Story]

My Life Story: I’m a farm girl!

I am a farm girl. A real farm girl. Not a chick who grew up in the country wearing daisy dukes and cowboy boots. A girl who worked on the family farm wearing shit kickers and stained jeans. Life was not always easy and hard work was definitely the norm. Even so, every once in a while I really miss. Usually this pining doesn’t happen in July when farm life required hours of dripping sweat in hay mows and scorched fields. But in the spring and fall? Definitely miss the country mouse life! …the farm I grew up on… We might live in the big metropolis of Denver but more often than not I feel like an out of place poser. Luckily we live in a city that truly appreciates the outdoors and we have multiple “open spaces” within just … [Click Here For the Full Story]