Short…and sorta sweet.

First, this post is going to be short, sweet and to the point. Not because I’m feeling grumpy or because I have nothing to say (as if!) but because The Husband has kidnapped my the laptop that I usually do all my nerdy computing on. I am stuck using his desktop… Fred…staring at the massive monitors! Yay, I shouldn’t complain…I have some pretty big monitors to work with and some nerdy WoW images to stare at. Yes, the nerd that lives inside of my husband (and maybe me…) is spoiled rotten!  However, I don’t like his keyboard – it sticks weird or something. I am forever backspacing and retyping. And, if you can’t tell by the different formatting – he doesn’t have Live Writer on his desktop (but really, why would he?) so I’m stuck going old school and writing this … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Let’s Get Lucky… ;)

With all sorts of excitement I present to you the one…the only… Speedy Half Marathon Training Plan *whoops*hoots*hollers*claps* (click the link above to get excited!) Yes, it is that exciting! It is a spread sheet filled with numbers and letters. A spread sheet that I will use to measure my worthiness to be called a runner for the next 9 weeks. A pretty big deal! Okay, fine. We all (especially me) know that a spread sheet will never dictate a runner’s self worth – that is just a ridiculous concept. My self worth will be measured by the huge grin plastered on my face on my walk home after dominating a long run in the dead cold of February. And by my ability to fight through the tears of a completely sucky speed workout where I want to just curl … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Meal Planning–Part I

I spent my Sunday afternoon being a lazy bum…watching “In Plain Sight” and lazily working on the beginnings of what is going to be my new meal planning process. Exciting…right?! I’ve spent some time browsing around the internet looking at recipes but I keep getting distracted. Something about reading blogs and stumbling around Facebook…I don’t get squat done when I’m on the laptop. Go figure. Instead of technology I decided to go old school and dig around the random cookbooks I have in the house. I flopped myself down on the floor and perused through my cookbooks. This is what I did to start what I hope will be an efficient way to meal plan in our house… 1. Chop up some paper to create little slips to write on – have enough space for recipe name and cookbook name/page … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Lazy Saturday

Originally we planned on going to a wedding today – but being the unloving family members that we are we decided to skip out of the six hours of driving and overpriced hotel room. Yes, we bailed on family bonding too but we will be back home for Christmas next weekend, so I say it all evens out. Fred and I spent the morning most of the day lounging around the house. I watched lots of Bones while Fred did a lot of sleeping! “Leave me alone woman, I’m sleeping…or trying to!” Chris was being gearing up on WoW but he occasionally wandered upstairs to visit the two loves of his life – Fred and I! He bonds well with Fred…if you want a wannabe vegetarian cat to become your friend you should bribe him with plants… Fred will do … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Milk Thief!

How am I spending my Saturday night? The best way possible! I am sitting on the couch all comfy-like with the lap top and Fred draped over my wrists, sleeping as I type away. He body heat tends to mess up the touch pad so that gets interesting. Even so, this is a pretty normal way for me to spend an evening. I’m not sure which is more boring, the fact this is how I spend my evenings or the fact I am perfectly content with this. Unfortunately Fred isn’t always a nice calm lap cat. Sometimes he will decide to attack my fingers as I type and sometimes he will just spaz for no apparent reason. Weirdy. Tonight he decided to kidnap my milk! When he was wandering around between lap sitting he snuck up on the coffee table and … [Click Here For the Full Story]