The Dog Days Of Summer…?

It’s not quite summer and Fred is not a dog. However, it sure felt like summer today and Fred was acting an awful lot like a dog! I spent a few hours of my afternoon sitting at my computer desk pecking away at the keyboard. After about 20 minutes of prancing around my desk, laying on my arms and literally nosing the thumb pad on my laptop {while I was trying to use the actual mouse…} he decided to lay by my feet. Like a dog. He gave me the stink eye every time I moved my chair! He is such a weirdo. Over the few hours of “cat napping” he took on the poses of “The Sphinx”, “The Exhibitionist”, “Thumper The Rabbit” and “Dead Cat”. His foot was comically twitching in his “Thumper” pose – I think he was … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Gotta get the new stuff…

So that video of our Keystone hiking that I was going to edit up all nice? Yea, its not done yet. Who knew editing footage was such a pain in the ass! Therefore, rather than make you jealous with powder and gorgeous mountain views I’m going to complain…about our silly cat. See that pile of leaves laying all over my pile of stuffed Dr Seuss characters? Those are remnants of Fred’s scavenging. He keeps eating my plants! It took me a while to figure it out but he was jumping up on the fireplace mantel so I rearranged it so the big fatty plant was in his way. Now he just grazes on it like a freaking giraffe. And he has to have new leaves…he won’t eat the ones he drops on the floor! **and by “eat my plants” I … [Click Here For the Full Story]

It’s a cat-tastrophy!

I am going to apologize for one thing. The grainy, washed out, over exposed smart phone photos. But that is all. I refuse to apologize for the insane amount of cat photos. We don’t have kids so I’m allowed to do this. However, if you call Fred my furbaby I’ll lose it! Fred is a cat. Just to clarify. In case anyone was wondering…our cat owns us. Its pathetic. We should probably never get a dog because we clearly fail at being the “alpha dog” in the house! Want proof? We’ve got it… …chasing a fly, befriending the fish, taking over the closet, preventing productivity… …he also does this “push on the screen” thing to the poorly fitted bedroom screen, 3 floors up… …claws out under the fitted sheet, hiding from Chris down the hallway, hugging his favorite human – … [Click Here For the Full Story]

I am happy…

This silly cold I have refuses to go away. Not only is it sticking around it is spontaneously getting more annoying. Its moved from my throat to my sinuses to my chest. At random times I’ll feel like I’m getting better only to feel like death a few hours later. It sucks. And its confusing! Yesterday, in hopes of taking a nice, long, afternoon nap, I sucked down some cold meds. Rather than letting me sleep these meds made me feel drugged. My limbs got really heavy but I couldn’t sleep. Instead I’d focus on the silliest things and everything around me felt like it was swimming. Super creepy. While stumbling around in my drugged state I came to a shocking realization – I am happy! Not happy to be drugged up or sick. Happy to be alive. Happy with … [Click Here For the Full Story]

It rained. Last week.

It rained all day today… …or at least that was the case when I first threw these photos into an empty post. That was last week Wednesday. It is now Monday. Almost a week later. Every day seems to drag on forever but somehow the last time I sat down to write it was over 7 days ago. What the heck do I do with these long, painful hours in the day?! I have no clue! I might be a little off in my timing but last Wednesday it really did rain. All day long. It was a Wisconsin-like rainy day. The kind of day where you head out in a sweater and boots, maybe even a scarf if you are feeling sassy. Or cold. …the most rain CO has seen all year… All of my cute boots and cozy … [Click Here For the Full Story]