Risking It – Weekend Snowboarding {Keystone}

Yesterday we decided to risk it…we made the drive up to Summit County on a Sunday. If you have ever driven into the mountains on a weekend you know exactly why we’ve been avoiding this for the past two years. Weekend traffic – combined with weekend lift lines – can be absolutely horrible! We figured an early start to the day during the early season would give us an advantage. Turns out this tactic worked out pretty darn well for us! We met Lynne at the Dino Lots at 7:15am and were parked at Keystone by 8:30am. Probably the earliest I’ve ever been in a resort parking lot! Cupcake! And the backside of Keystone…with SNOW! Turns out front row parking and perfectly groomed trails aren’t the only perk to arriving before the lifts start – Keystone was giving out cupcakes! … [Click Here For the Full Story]

A Walk in the Park

This past weekend was spent “back home” in Wisconsin. I planned the weekend for a little family time and bridesmaid dress shopping but had high hopes for Midwesterly fall colors when I realized I’d finally make it home in October. I loved my time with family and had a great time talking weddings but the trees were a tad disappointing. They were way too green for my likings! But a few green leaves were not going to keep us from wandering around in the woods! My mom and I drove down to Illinois for a quick visit with my cousins. The weather held off so we ventured out to a nearby state park in search of fall colors. We didn’t find much orange or red but forest was still quite lively. One of the few things I truly miss about … [Click Here For the Full Story]

MidWesterly Time…

Its Monday and we still have a few more days of Wisconsin time but I’ve managed to steal Chris’s phone {I miss my phone…} enough time to get a few fun photos so I’m here to share. Plus, Time moves a bit differently here, especially when you are too lazy to change your watch and get to sleep in every day! Wedding Time… I get so excited when people I love get married. I like being married and it makes me happy to think other people get to have as much fun being married as I do. Heck, even Chris looks like he is happy about it! Critter Time… It isn’t a trip back home if we don’t get a little critter time in. I spent the first 18 years of my life on a dairy farm so I like … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Getting Crafty


It took me about a year to really figure out Twitter. I avoided it because, well, it was a little overwhelming. And honestly, I’m still not a Twitter guru, but I know how to hang and its given me the chance to meet some awesome people in Denver. About the time I got around to figuring out Twitter Pinterest became popular. Crap. Another time suck form of social media to conquer. Being the fearless adult I am its pretty obvious I am still avoiding Pinterest whenever possible. It seems dangerous. I have this crafty, “ooh I can make that” streak in me that should never be antagonized. And Pinterest appears to be quite the crafty, DIY antagonist. Or so I’ve been told. {FYI, I am on Pinterest and I am trying to figure it out, feel free to follow me!} … [Click Here For the Full Story]