White Water Rafting with AVA {Giveaway!}

Colorado Rafting - AVA - White Water Rafting

Disclosure: This trip was provided to me by Colorado Rafting AVA and this is a sponsored post + giveaway but all opinions are my own – we really did love it! Nearly every time we taking visiting family and friends into the mountains we are asked if we have ever gone white water rafting. More often than not they are talking about Clear Creek which runs along I-70. Every time we have had to answer “no, but maybe some day”. That “some day” happened this past Tuesday! We were given an amazing opportunity to go white water rafting with AVA Colorado Rafting! Thanks to a perfectly timed email Chris and I were able to go rafting, GoPro the entire trip, share our experience here and…most importantly, give the same experience to a local – or visiting – reader! Prior to our … [Click Here For the Full Story]

{Winter Park +Mary Jane} …the love is growing!

After bailing on the mountains last week because of the cold we had high hopes for the snow this Thursday…and for the first time this season Winter Park did not disappoint. At least not completely! You’d think after the horrible snow fall we had last year our expectations would be a bit lower…but every time we head up we are secretly hoping the mountain will be covered in a surprise layer of powder. Hasn’t happened yet. At the very least the mountains have never let us down when it comes to beauty. And to be honest, we actually had some pretty good snow. There was a bit of powder to play in and the runs were not a sheet of ice. We could actually go down a run without the fear of hitting a mystery patch to ice and eating. … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Mountain Drives

My life has basically been eating me a live. Not even kidding. I have no life. I work. I study. I go to class. I study. I read textbooks. I sometimes sleep. I usually remember to eat. Oh, and did I mention I go to work…a lot. And I don’t even like it there. I’m not exaggerating for pity, trust me. For example… This past weekend we did some schedule finagling so that both Chris and I had three days off work together. Three whole days. No work. No nothing. Our big plan was to go somewhere to go mountain biking. Some place cool like Moab or Crested Butte. We went to neither. We stayed home, all weekend long. I literally spent the vast majority of three freaking days at my desk studying and finishing up assignments. Oh, and watching … [Click Here For the Full Story]