Hiking with Sierra Trading Post {Square Top + Wilcox}

A few weeks ago I got an email from Andy at Sierra Trading Post inviting me on a mountain hiking adventure with a few Denver bloggers – Heather, Lynne, Lauren – and Chris, the STP videographer. I got excited. My reply back may have had an excessive number of explanation points. Then, just before I hit send, I checked the date – Saturday, September 28th. Son of a… All of my happy explanation points got backspaced and replaced by “I wish I could but…”. That was the day of my first ultra – the Bear Chase 50K. I made everyone promise to have extra fun for me and focused on my ultra weekend. Fast forward to the Friday night before the 50K. I had picked up my race packet and was attempting to put everything together for race morning when … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Mountain Drives

My life has basically been eating me a live. Not even kidding. I have no life. I work. I study. I go to class. I study. I read textbooks. I sometimes sleep. I usually remember to eat. Oh, and did I mention I go to work…a lot. And I don’t even like it there. I’m not exaggerating for pity, trust me. For example… This past weekend we did some schedule finagling so that both Chris and I had three days off work together. Three whole days. No work. No nothing. Our big plan was to go somewhere to go mountain biking. Some place cool like Moab or Crested Butte. We went to neither. We stayed home, all weekend long. I literally spent the vast majority of three freaking days at my desk studying and finishing up assignments. Oh, and watching … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Our First 14er Summit!

Thursday’s Workout Wanda: The Father’s Day 1 Miler with Alex. Friday’s Workout Wanda: A 7+ mile hike up Mt Bierstadt, our first 14er! So, today was the day. The big day that didn’t happen a few weeks ago. We set out on a mission…to hike up a 14er, otherwise known as a Colorado mountain summiting above 14,000 feet of elevation. More importantly…we made it! But let’s start at the beginning. We picked Mt Bierstadt because it was close enough to make the drive the morning of the hike and it was ranked as relatively easy and is popular. Meaning if we happened to suck at life or break a leg there would most likely be people around to rescue us. We left Denver around 5:30am this morning and made it up to the Guanella Pass Summit at 6:40am and off … [Click Here For the Full Story]