Xterra Half Marathon {1st trail race}

The Xterra half marathon has been on my Google Calendar for months before I signed up. My inquires into trail racing started with this race series. Right after the Wild West Relay I started pondering the possibility of running the Xterra full marathon. I told a few too many people of my crazy thoughts and some how I got talked into an every longer race…the 50K I plan on rocking at tomorrow. Initially I was going to just skip this race all together but Chris has been legitimately playing around with running and wasn’t opposed to the idea of a 5K, especially if it were on trails and involved some downhill. Turns out the Xterra race offered a 5K so we both signed up – a 5K for Chris, a half marathon for me. Pre-race photo. Gotta love fall races … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again…it has been an amazing year for racing over here in the Land of Heidi. Even thought my training has not been rigorous by any means my body has been rocking at life and my mind is in the game! This past weekend was no different. Short Version: My legs loved me this weekend and completely shocked me with 1:53:32 finish at the Georgetown to Idaho Springs half marathon! That’s an average pace of 8:39. That is not normal for me…but maybe is going to become the norm? I had fun racing, never hated myself or running and my fastest mile was my last mile. Long Version: The Georgetown Half Marathon more than sold out earlier this year when there was a huge sale on entries. When someone offers … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Platte River Half {recap + PR!}

My body and I…we are the best of buddies right now! We completely rocked at life yesterday during the Platte River Half Marathon! And I say “we” because as ridiculous as it sounds there was a body and a brain running this race. My body was feeling great and even though I went into the race with very minimal expectations my brain did a fantastic job of keeping itself together and being an extremely Positive Patrice! At any point one or the other could have fallen apart, but that didn’t happen – we stayed in tune, we ran hard and we did amazing! After my stellar oopsy daisy 7.5 mile run I was rolling in a big, stinky pile of self-confidence and committed to the Platter River Half, almost on a whim. I’d half heartedly tried to recruit people to … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Platte River Half + 4Miles {race recap}

Workout Wanda: A half marathon + 4 miles for 17.2 miles in 2:51:34, a pace of 9:59. Today I ran 17.2 miles. Seventeen freaking miles. And more importantly I survived, barely. My goal was to make it to 18 or 19 miles but thanks to Fred’s disappearing act when I needed to leave the house I didn’t make it down to the race start in time to get a full 6 miles in. Instead I settled for only 4 miles. I figured I could add 2 or so more miles on after the race. Easy, cool down miles. Yeah, that didn’t happen. This race was not easy. I know, I know. Races aren’t supposed to be easy but I’ve never really figured out how to really race a race. Heck, 75% of the time my goal is to have fun … [Click Here For the Full Story]

That Dam Run–Half Marathon {recap}

Workout Wanda: A 2 mile warm up in 19:52 + That Dam Run half marathon in 2:10:06! I got to sleep in this morning. It was awesome. I’m not saying the alarm didn’t get snoozed for 20 minutes but 6:21am is far better than 4:21am! I am seriously loving these 10am race starts. Not sure what I’m going to do for the Get Lucky 21K when I have to be up, at ‘em and driving at 3am – it might kill me. I got up, got myself put together, ate breakfast and headed out the door. The race was only 15 miles away but I wanted to get there early enough to throw down a solid warm up before it started. I wasn’t planning on actually racing the race…instead it was going to be part of a 15 mile long … [Click Here For the Full Story]