Life Lately: Zevia, Halloween, BRC

First, Happy November! My birthday month is over…which means it is Chris’s birthday month. I’m okay with that because my birthday month has one more day than his. I’m a one-upper like that. One thing I will never get tired of in Colorado is how amazing the weather is about 98% of the time. It is November and I am running outside in shorts/tanks while driving an hour into the mountains go to snowboarding. Perfect. So incredibly perfect. Also, I’m pretty sure Colorado won the fall color contest this year. Even if it is mostly yellow the colors I’m still seeing here are seriously trumping the little I saw in Wisconsin! And clearly I’m obsessed with the colors! Zevia Smarter Celebrations In non-mountain/color/crazy news I had an opportunity learned how to make some tasty appetizers I would have never even … [Click Here For the Full Story]


I’ve been missing out on the Boulder Running Company runs lately…this fancy time suck called work keeps getting in the way. Not tonight. Tonight I was running. There won’t be a run next week because everyone will be out trick-or-treating so tonight was Halloween night – I am not one to turn down the chance to dig out the neon pink leggings… What I was not prepared for was the rain. Cold, relentless, windy rain. It kind of sucked. It was actually pretty miserable. I should have been smart about it and snagged a Brooks running vest. Apparently they kept everyone nice and dry, at least on the core…that would have been nice. As you can tell my shirt got soaked! But the good news is that eventually that rain turned into snow. Big, fluffy snowflake snow… Yes, I did … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Half Training: Week 11…Running in Costume!

Workout Wanda: Resting the legs but I did lift NROLFW 2.A.3. Well, my 11th week of training is done and it ended with an almost perfect half marathon. My second half marathon of the year. Apparently back in February I ran 13.1 miles while training for the Get Lucky 21K that I never got around to running. You learn a lot when scanning an old planner on the plane! Every October the running forums blow up with people looking for Halloween race costume suggestions, this year was no different. An easy suggestion is something like a bumble bee, lady bug, jazzerciser or pretty much anything you can create out of running clothes. During the Monster Dash I got to see all sorts of interesting costumes and for the sake of having a reference next year I snagged some off of … [Click Here For the Full Story]