ApexEx Avalanche Training–Day 2

And…over a week after posting about Day 1 of avalanche training I’m finally getting into Day 2 of our training. Better late than never, right?! This is one of those posts that I need to sit down and write – without Burn Notice sucking up our Netflix bandwith in the background. When we got home after Day 1 we had just enough energy to nom down our Little Caesar’s pizza and fall into bed. Turns out snowshoeing and digging 6 foot deep pits in the snow is a lot of work. Day 2 started out early again with a two hour drive north into Rocky  Mountain National Park – more specifically the Hidden Valley Trailhead. While Day 1 was all about preventing avalanches Day 2 was focusing on how to survive one if you aren’t so lucky. We finally got … [Click Here For the Full Story]