A Perfect Mix

This week will be the first week in many months that I’ve actually had a legitimate work week. You know, the standard kind where you go to work for 8+ hours a day for 5 days a week. My first one in months. I’m loving the “in months” part of that, not exactly head over heels for the week ahead of me. I’ve been blessed but now its time for the reality of adult life to kick in. Obviously this isn’t exactly part of the perfect mix… My perfect mix is a lot more fun than working and this past week I managed to get a little bit of everything Colorado has to offer in December. Backcountry powder. Corduroy runs. Rolling trails. Gorgeous sunsets. Incredible people. Cuddly cat. Splitboarding at Butler Gulch Early morning riding at Keystone Sunny trail runs … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Risking It – Weekend Snowboarding {Keystone}

Yesterday we decided to risk it…we made the drive up to Summit County on a Sunday. If you have ever driven into the mountains on a weekend you know exactly why we’ve been avoiding this for the past two years. Weekend traffic – combined with weekend lift lines – can be absolutely horrible! We figured an early start to the day during the early season would give us an advantage. Turns out this tactic worked out pretty darn well for us! We met Lynne at the Dino Lots at 7:15am and were parked at Keystone by 8:30am. Probably the earliest I’ve ever been in a resort parking lot! Cupcake! And the backside of Keystone…with SNOW! Turns out front row parking and perfectly groomed trails aren’t the only perk to arriving before the lifts start – Keystone was giving out cupcakes! … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Tired Legs!

My legs are tired. Plum worn out! Beat. Shot. Exhausted. Nearly detached. Iced, stretched and rolled. Last week I put them through a string of hard, mid-distance runs then started out this week with lots of resting. That all changed yesterday! In the spirit of fake training for a half marathon I decided I needed to get a long run in. We already had plans to head up to Summit County so I mentally plotted out a trail based upon what I knew of the area. Well, I failed to consider the fact it was winter and the trails were snow covered. …they snowshoed, I ran and all was well until the mostly clear paved trail turned into shin deep snow… Rather than hit double digits at altitude I settled for a solid 3 miles of running and a bit … [Click Here For the Full Story]

Back to Running…

So, after a few weeks of tangent-ing off about mountain life I have kind of stopped talking about running. Surprisingly enough, I have not actually stopped running. And yes, that is surprising – usually I’m more likely to stop running and keep talking about how I should be running. Guess this is a positive flip flop! Lately my runs have been a random mix of just getting out there and running. No training plans, no specific goals…just running!The only thing missing lately has been trail running, but they have been either icy or muddy! Treadmill Running We had a few snowy days last week and that required a visit or two to the treadmill. I hate the treadmill. Hate it. Maybe if it was in my living room and I could run with six fans around me I wouldn’t despise … [Click Here For the Full Story]

More Mountain Love… {Keystone Resort}

Our mountain vacation is here…well, technically part two of our month of mountain vacations – part one was our hut trip last week. But who is counting? I’m too busy living the life and avoiding reality to worry about that! And since I’m busy enjoying the mountain and snowboarding at Keystone Resort this is all you get for now… An “early” morning run through the deserted Keystone resort at 8am, snowboarding before noon with the guys, hiking to the back bowls and finishing off the day with fresh snow! We even managed to be out late enough to get closed into runs – beat the rope by seconds! And after starting out at 10am. That’s a big deal for Chris and I with our snobby season pass ways! Hope you are all surviving the last part of your work week … [Click Here For the Full Story]