La Plata…done right!

La Plata

Saturday’s Workout Wanda: A 9.5 mile hike…up and down a mountain! A full 4,300 foot gain! Sunday’s Workout Wanda: An 8 mile bike ride to/from work + 3 mile walk with Mom & Becky. Monday’s Workout Wanda: A mile long walk with Becky & Chris. Almost exactly one month ago we headed out on our first Colorado camping endeavor and what was supposed to be our first 14er summit. Instead we followed the wrong trail and ended up bushwhacking our way up a very steep 12-teener. Oops. At least the camping part was successful! Even a failed attempt at a 14er was fun and it gave us the confidence to head up Bierstadt by ourselves – our first successful 14er summit! Totally worth the “failed” attempt at La Plata. We are rather stubborn and were not willing to give up … [Click Here For the Full Story]

The almost, but not quite 14’er!

Workout Wanda: Ran 1.5 miles in 11:48…that’s a 7:52 pace! Boom! Last week was a big week for us. After the Fargo Marathon {which I may never stop talking about…} my Mom was in town for a few days and we drug her all around the country side. As soon as she left we decided to buy out REI for all sorts of camping gear. And not just any camping gear – the stuff required for Colorado style camping which is apparently a bit different than what goes down in Wisconsin. No fishing pole, no big fancy tent, no air mattress, no campground fees…just a tiny tent, sleeping bags, 4×4 road and hiking boots! Thanks to the blog world and Twitter Chris and I were about to go on our first legit Colorado camping trip and if all went well … [Click Here For the Full Story]